5 Random Things: August

We’re back from a wonderfully beachy week in Martha’s Vineyard and feeling ready to get back into the swing of things after over-indulging on vacation. Anel and I have grand plans to eat clean, stay away from alcohol, and get lots of rest this week to get our bodies back on track. Eating dessert every night and cocktails with dinner for that many days in a row always seems fun at the time, but it can ruin the entire next week if we’re not careful. Man, when did we get so old?

My Martha’s Vineyard travel guide will be live tomorrow so stay tuned for our all of our favorite spots on the island. In the meantime, I’m excited to be bringing back 5 Random Things for the second month in a row. You can read last month’s list here.

As a reminder, I started this series to document things that I’m loving at the moment but that don’t seem to fit into any other type of post. It will never be sponsored, and will always be…well…pretty random!

1. Nixplay digital frame: My grandmother lives in Southern California and doesn’t get to see Amalia very often. For her birthday, we bought her a digital frame so she can see up-to-date pictures of her great-granddaughter daily. A friend of mine recommended the brand Nixplay and we’ve had such a good experience with it that we’re buying them for all of her grandparents too.

I can upload photos, create different playlists, and change settings all directly from an app on my phone so that my grandma never has to deal with the technology piece. She calls me at least once a week to thank me for uploading new photos and tells me how much it means to her. One minute a day on my end makes her so happy.

2. Maison Louise Marie No. 4 candle: Anel was in a boutique on Martha’s Vineyard last week (He doesn’t remember the name, otherwise I’d share it!) and bought me this candle because he thought it smelled like me. Little did he know, I had bought the same exact candle a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I went back to the store where I bought it locally but they didn’t carry it anymore so I kind of forgot about it. You know I love my Diptyque candles but this brand has similar scents at half the price. No. 4 smells like Figuier with notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and amber wood.

The best part about Maison Louise Marie candles is that they’re made without toxic or environmentally harmful ingredients.  You can read about the brand’s commitment to clean beauty here. Once I finish all the Diptyque candles in my house (I probably have 5 or so left) I’m committing to making the swap completely.

3. Leak-proof travel bottles: This might be the least-sexy item I ever add to this list, but this set of leak-proof travel bottles has saved me on all of our trips this summer. I was so sick of my face wash and toner, spilling on every single vacation so I did some research and these were voted the best travel bottles on this list. They don’t look all that great but they work and I finally can travel without worrying about cleaning up all of my toiletries when I get to my destination!

4. Organic cotton hair towel: I got this hair towel in a gift bag at a party I went to a few months ago and was excited to try it out. I had always used micro-fiber hair towels in the past but wanted to find a more sustainable solution that actually dried my hair. I wrap my hair up in it after I shower and not only does it stay up perfectly and comfortably, but it soaks up a ton of the excess water. I have a flamingo pattern, but I also love this striped one.

5. Sanctuary World App: My decades-long love for astrology has really gone through the roof lately and @santuarywrld is partially to blame. It has become one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow because it illustrates the different signs and their traits in an easy to digest and perfectly-branded way. Last month I finally downloaded their free app and check my horoscope daily. Never had I ever found a more accurate and user-friendly astrology app.

Tell me one random thing you’re loving this month!


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  1. Linda Jay said:

    I have always wanted a Diptyque candle but they are out of my budget. I’m going to try the one your recommended!

    8.12.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I hope you love it!

      9.17.19 · Reply
  2. Beth Jaeger said:

    I’m loving my washable wool v-neck 3/4 sleeve sweater from Brooks Brothers. It’s the Red Fleece label and comes in light blue,soft grey and pink. I purchased all the colors because it’s such an easy fit I wear it with jeans or leggings.
    FYI all my stripe t-shirts (and I have a few) all come from Brooks Brothers. Longer length and always something a little different every season.

    8.17.19 · Reply
  3. Sarah Begley said:

    Julia!! You arrived on MV the day I was leaving!! Would’ve been fun to
    Bump into you?! Popped into a bunch of the same spots you shard on Insta! Glad to know we share the same taste in things! I had wanted to try Port Hunter but went to
    alchemy instead! Re: Maison Louie Candle #4- I Bought one in Vineyard Haven at Lennox & Harvey!! It’s divine. Call them and see if there are any left. I was walking past the store and the smell of their burning candle stopped me dead in my tracks. And they couldn’t have been lovelier. Ps! Your outfits are my outfit inspiration always! .
    Love your posts & Sweet Amalia! Keep the great content coming!!!

    8.17.19 · Reply
  4. Julie said:

    New to your blog and am obsessed with Diptyque, but not so much the price point! Am gonna check this brand out because I love my candles! Also a new favorite of mine is Linneas Lights – their cashmere scent is soo good!

    8.17.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Let me know how it went with the candle! So funny Anel bought me one of those candles (Cashmere too!) and I love it.

      9.17.19 · Reply
  5. Camille said:

    I loved your idea for your digital frame and have since given two to family members already – I cannot describe the success. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    9.17.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I’m so happy to hear it. Glad that they all love it xx

      9.17.19 · Reply