5 Random Things: July

Today I’m testing the waters with yet another new series called 5 Random Things with Lemon Stripes. This monthly blog post will include 5 things that I’m loving and using at the moment. I will go into detail about why I love each product or service and nothing in this series will ever be sponsored. It’s basically just a mish-mosh of what I’m currently loving all in one place because I never know where to share these things.

Unlike “Life Lately” everything on these lists will be products I already own and use on the regular. Let me know what you think and if this series is something you want to see monthly. I’m really feeling it!

1. Quarter sheet pans: Man I feel old putting this as the first item on my first list but quarter sheet pans are the new black, let me tell you. I don’t know why it took me so long to buy them, but I’ll never turn back. They’re great for cooking a dinner for two, roasting multiple types of veggies at once, and heating up Amalia’s dinners. I added 4 of these to my last Brandless order and I recommend buying from there because they’re only $9 and made the USA. Check out what I wrote about their baby and pet collections here.

2. Purification healing mist: If you’re not into crystals or the “woo woo” stuff I love, maybeeee skip this one because it’s a little out there. Or don’t and you’ll thank me later! I buy all of my crystals, palo santo, sage, and that good stuff from a local brand, Open Heart Apothecary. Luckily for you, the owner, Alyssa, also has a beautiful Etsy shop. We’ve become Instagram friends, so she sent me her new healing mists to try out a few months back. I have fallen in love with the Purification healing mist and spray it every night before bed. I even bought a second one for my dopp kit so I can spray it in hotel rooms and rental homes when I’m on the road. It smells clean and delicious and clears the energy of a room without having to light a match. The mist itself is made from just water and essential oils (palo santo, white sage, clary sage, tulsi, and lavender) and she adds charged clear quartz crystals inside the bottle. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

3. Madewell white jeans: I tried on my friend Lauren’s white jeans after seeing her rock them and bought myself a pair on the spot. It’s really hard for me to find white jeans that I love because I find that the fit is off, the fabric is too thin (slash see-through) or they’re simply unflattering. These are not only flattering and made from high-quality fabric, but they have two details that make them a little more exciting than other pairs I own. The button-front high-waisted top looks great with shirts tucked in (see here), and the little fray detail on the ankle gives them some flair. And another random thing I love about them is that the pockets don’t stick out, which can make your hips look bigger.

4. Florgasm eau de parfum: I am very picky about my scents. Chemical-based perfumes and lotions have been giving me headaches lately, but it’s hard to find a natural, essential-oil based scent that actually lingers without being too overpowering. While I was in Nantucket last month, I found my dream scent and bought it on the spot. I’ve tested it out for a month and am happy to report that I still love it. The scent is a mix of French tuberose, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, and linden, mixed with pink pepper and ambrette. It smells clean like a floral soap… but sexier. The description on the goop website says it best. “Florgasm is more ingenue than grandmother, blossoming without banging you (or anyone near you) over the head. It’s a sexy secret, leaving a faint trail of prettiness wherever you’ve spritzed it.”

5. Stone & Strand diamond initial stud: Ever since I got my new piercings (I now have 5 and that makes me very cool IMO), I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect “A” stud because Amalia and Anel both start with A (duh). I bought this one at Tai and loved it but I remembered that I need solid gold posts or my earring hole gets all kinds of messed up. I won’t go into details but it’s not cute. After searching for months, I finally came across one I loved and haven’t taken it off since. It’s lowercase which is kind of cool and different and doesn’t bother my ear at all. It’s small and delicate without being too small and delicate. It’s pretty perfect, in fact.


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