5 Random Things: May

5 Random Things: May

And just like that… we’re halfway through May with summer on the horizon. And it feels so good! This month has been all about hanging outside with the kids, watching them jump and play around. We are all coming back to life after winter with the sunshine and warmth.

I’ve been all over with travel and excited to stay put for a while. We have no plans to leave for the next month which sounds really nice. I’m excited for some beach days, some BBQs, and (if I’m lucky) some sleep!

Pictured above: Duvet cover (in shore) / Blanket


Books –

The Half Moon by Mary Beth Keane: I loved Keane’s last novel, Ask Again, Yes, so was very excited when her newest book came out. The Half Moon is about a New England couple who owns a local bar (called The Half Moon), going through marital and financial issues together. What I really like about her books is the way her relationships and characters feel so real. The plot is good but not riveting (I mean that in a good way!), it feels almost as if you’re talking with a friend. I don’t know what it is but I really love her writing. I also highly recommend Ask Again, Yes if you didn’t read it the first time I shared.

The Push by Ashley Audrain: I just started this one after I forgot to bring a book on my trip and picked this one up at the airport. So far it feels very dark and twisty and right up my alley. More to come as I continue reading. Trigger warning: Pregnancy and postpartum depression.

Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson: I read this on Grace’s recommendation (she has the best book recommendations) and really enjoyed it. Grace wrote that not a lot happens but that it feels like really good people watching and I agree with that assessment. It is about a wealthy family from Brooklyn, focusing on two young adult sisters, Darley and Georgina, and their sister-in-law, Sasha who came from a very different background than the rest of the family. It’s sharp, funny, and fun to read.

TV Shows –

Class of ’07 (Prime):  I binged this in a day and a half while I was recovering from surgery last month on the recommendation of my funniest friend. I haven’t laughed that hard from a TV show in a long time. It’s an Australian show about a group of former classmates from an all-girls boarding school that get stuck on campus during the apocalypse (or the ‘poco, as they refer to it). It definitely has some dark moments but mostly it’s a hoot.

Daisy Jones and the Six (Hulu): I also finally got around to watching this mini-series based on the book that I so adored all those years back. It was beautifully shot and acted. The music is also fantastic and I’ve been listening to it non-stop since I finished. It’s loosely based on the story of Fleetwood Mac and while it starts a little slow, stick with it. I sobbed like a baby in the last episode.

Succession, S4 (HBO Max): I won’t take this off of my list until it’s done. Always and forever a Succession stan.

Beef (Netflix): I finished Ali Wong’s new show, Beef, and like I said last month it was a lot darker than I expected. But I like that sort of thing and loved this show. It starts with a road rage incident between Wong’s character and another man and follows the two of them trying to get revenge on each other in worse and worse ways.


1. Collagen firming sheet masks: I impulse purchased one of these at the airport and was blown away but how tight and glowing my face looked after using one for 20 minutes. I immediately found them on Amazon and bought a 5-pack. I’ve heard from a few people on Instagram that they sell them in bulk from Costco, too. People also said that their vitamin C and pearl masks work wonders so when I finish these I’m going to try the variety pack.

2. Maya base perfume oilOne of the content creators on my trip last week had on a perfume that smelled magical. Like a field of flowers! I asked her about it and turns out it changes scents based on your skin chemistry. So obviously all of us at the table had to try it on. On one girl it smelled woodsy, on another it was herbal, on me, it smelled like fresh lemongrass and verbena.

Each one of these scents was subtle and not overpowering, but one that when someone wearing it walks by you ask them what it is. Obviously I bought it right away (I think all of us did, actually!) and also added it to the Lemon Stripes Market. The other cool thing about this oil is that it gets stronger as you get warmer or sweat instead of fading. I learned that this is a super small business and the oil is made by a sweet couple in LA.

The 5ML bottle, $40, is tiny but great for travel and lasts a lot longer than it looks. The 10ML bottle, $72, is what I would recommend for the best bang for your buck.

3. lululemon belt bagPossibly the best $38 I’ve spent this year has been on the now ubiquitous lululemon belt bag. I have used it for the last three flights I’ve taken and it makes travel so much easier. I can just reach in for my phone or Chapstick or hand sanitizer quickly and easily. It’s nothing fancy but I get why it’s so popular. I also use it for grocery shopping and errands to have free hands.

3. Raffia summer sandals: These beautiful braided raffia sandals are definitely a splurge but are something that you’ll wear summer after summer for years to come. I usually can’t wear heels for an extended period (if at all) but found these to be super comfy for our night out in SF last week.

5. Linen beddingWe put a linen duvet cover and shams on our bed for spring and summer and I love it so much. Because it’s meant to look a little wrinkled, it’s a lot less fussy than other bedding which is perfect for me at this busy stage of life. I also love the color (we went with the shore color) and how soft the organic fabric is.


Lemon Ricotta Pea Pasta
Vegetarian Taco Bowls

Photo by Julia Dags.