5 Random Things: February

1. Cheer on Netflix (TV show): If you haven’t seen Cheer yet, I can pretty much guarantee that all of your friends have told you to watch it. I’m joining them and shouting it from the highest of mountaintops. Go binge Cheer and then we can talk dedication and athleticism and hope and positivity. The kids in this show are absolutely inspiring and while at first I admittedly thought it sounded stupid, I was hooked after the first episode. Jerry is my new hero! Have you gotten hooked yet?

The other show that I’m currently in the middle of is The Morning Show which is fantastic. It touches on sexual harassment and racism in the workplace as well as the corporate culture of silence. But despite the heavy topics, they pepper in an exciting storyline that draws you in from the first few minutes.  I now understand why Jennifer Aniston won the SAG award. Her performance is insane.

2. True & Co. scoop neck bra: I have promoted 3 bra companies now: my ride or die ThirdLove, SKIMS, and now True & Co. Anel and I were out on a double date with some friends a few weeks ago and the wife, my friend Daisy, was going on and on about how True & Co bras are the most comfortable. So obviously I argued that nothing beats ThirdLove, but after a lengthy discussion, she convinced me to try one.

I have been getting served their Instagram and Facebook ads for what feels like years and always brushed them off because they looked like they couldn’t possibly work. I was wrong. Holy cow… I bought this scoop neck bra with thin straps. It looks likes a sports bra and goes on like a sports bra but feels so much more comfortable. It also doesn’t look like a sports bra (slash what I call uni-boob) when you wear it with a tee or sweater.

I truly (pun intended) don’t understand how it provides so much support without underwire but I’m not asking questions. Here is my official comparison between True & Co and ThirdLove:

The ThirdLove Classic Tee Shirt Bra ($68) has been my go-to for over two years. It’s my everyday bra and that is not changing. It is low cut enough that I can wear it with deep v-necks and comfortable enough that I can wear it all day. It doesn’t dig in. I’m convinced that it’s the perfect bra. But the True & Co Scoop Neck Adjustable Strap Bra ($44) is amazing for when you don’t feel like wearing underwire but don’t want the look of a sports bra. I have been wearing it to work from home every day and it’s the perfect solution for that. So they’re very different but both amazing.

Where does SKIMS fit in? If I had to compare it to the two I’d say that it offers the best support but is not as comfortable as the True & Co. I haven’t tried their underwire bras so I can’t speak to those but the sculpting bra really does look great underneath clothing.

3. To Live and Die in LA (Podcast): You know I love a good murdery podcast… And this one was my favorite one yet. A bunch of you recommended it for a recent road trip and I was gripped from the beginning. But the story got better and better as it went on! The host, Neil Strauss, did a great job of telling the story in a very linear way without making it too much about himself. I don’t want to give anything away but the general gist is that a young aspiring actress in LA goes missing and Neil works with the PI hired by the girl’s family to figure out what happened. I would literally drive as slowly as possible while listening to this so that I wouldn’t have to get to my destination and turn it off!

The other recent podcast that I loved was The Thing About Pam, a weird and creepy Dateline podcast about murder and deception. I can’t tell you much else without giving it away but give it a listen.

4. EF Collection earrings: I have 5 piercings but could never figure out exactly what to put in all 5 of them. Until I saw the most perfect huggies on a woman at my dermatologist’s office. I stopped her to ask where she got them and she introduced me to EF Collection where I ended up spending way too much money on the perfect set of earrings for my strategically placed piercings. My ears are super sensitive so if I don’t have quality metal posts, they get really irritated and the newer holes get infected. These posts are all solid gold and so comfortable that I have been sleeping in them for the last week.

The 5 earrings I have are as follows. I bought a single of each instead of a pair: triple bezel diamond earring, diamond mini bezel huggie earring, diamond mini moon stud earring, diamond mini huggie earring, gold and diamond evil eye stud earring (sold out). They make me so happy whenever I look in the mirror!

5. J.Crew blouse: Does anyone else remember the Lush blouse from Nordstrom that everyone was wearing 10 years ago? I had it in 5 colors and used to wear it to work almost every day. The problem with said blouse is that it was made from cheap fabric and would smell terrible by the end of the day. J.Crew made pretty much the same exact top (in 5 colors and on sale!) out of viscose which is a more breathable and sustainable fabric than polyester but not as expensive and wrinkly as silk. I bought it in ivory but also love the petunia color.

FYI J.Crew is having a big 30% off sale with code WEEKEND.

Bonus: Eggplant parm recipe: I’ve been making my grandmother’s recipe since I learned how to cook, but I’ve been using the classic Bon Appetit recipe lately and it never fails to impress. As Anel says, it’s restaurant quality and I agree.

Another bonus: SMEG fridge: I talked about my deep and undying love for the sky blue SMEG fridge in our basement (pictured above) on Instagram but I think it’s worth mentioning again. When we moved into this house I told Anel I only wanted one thing and that was this. He quickly learned that it was one of many things but still, I really really wanted it. It matches half of my wardrobe… We use this fridge mainly for wine and beer and leftovers and it’s been awesome to have.

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Tell me one thing you’re loving this month!

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  1. Steph said:

    Need more murder-y podcast recommendations! I’m already through There’s Something About Pam, Bear Brook, AND To Live and Die in LA!

    2.12.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I need to do Bear Brook next. Have you listened to Up and Vanished? That was another good one.

      2.12.20 · Reply
  2. Jessica said:

    Would you mind mentioning again thr natural products in your story from the other day (I think it was a friends brand of things you could take instead of pain relievers) I meant to screenshot!

    Thank you

    2.12.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      For sure! It’s the Playa Salt Shampoo. Waiting to test it for another month before I add to this list just to be safe but so far I’m into it: http://bit.ly/39mkviw

      2.12.20 · Reply
  3. Laura said:

    Thank you SO much for this post! The true and Co is exactly what I’ve been looking for when I want to be comfortable and don’t need my trusty third love. I just ordered two!!

    2.12.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      You won’t be disappointed!

      2.13.20 · Reply
      • Laura said:

        I just got them and you’re right – not disappointed at all. They are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

        2.15.20 · Reply
  4. Annie said:

    When you say that “the story got better and better as it went on,” do you realize you’re talking about a true story? This was a horrific crime—a woman was murdered, and a man committed suicide. They’re real people.

    2.14.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I’m so sorry that this came off as insensitive. You’re right. What I meant is that they got closer and closer to the truth and ended up cracking the case… I will be absolutely more careful with my words next time.

      2.14.20 · Reply
  5. Theodora said:

    I know this is a really weird question/request, but can you post a pic here or on IG of your earring stack? I recently got two more piercings and am also trying to figure out the perfect stack. I got mine done at Mejuri, which has really cute small earrings.

    2.19.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Not weird at all! I’ll post on IG 🙂

      2.19.20 · Reply