5 Random Things: October

We are T-minus 2 weeks (and one day) until election day and I’m feeling more hopeful as time passes. I hosted a phone bank training with Young Women for Biden and started phone banking which can be both frustrating and inspiring at the same time. But it’s also one of the most effective ways to encourage non-voters to get out and vote. If you’re interested in doing the same, they host trainings every few days. You can sign up for their emails here to get more info.

I also have to share how proud I am of my mom and her friends in California who have spent the last year and a half hand-writing letters to registered Democrats in key swing states who historically don’t vote. Together, last week, they sent 20,000 letters encouraging 20,000 people to get out and vote on November 3rd. If you’re wondering what a pile of 20,000 letters (and my mama!) looks like, look no further.

In personal news, last week I drove up to Maine for a big and gorgeous photoshoot with my marketing client, Chappywrap (pictured above). Christina and Beth, the co-owners, are family friends so it was especially fun. If you missed it on my stories while I was there, I announced our Chappywrap x Lemon Stripes collab that will be launching next spring! We’ve been talking about creating Lemon Stripes blankets for years and I am so so so excited to see them come to life. I saw the prototypes for the designs we’ve been working on and they’re beautiful. Stay tuned for more there!

On the home front, our construction project is almost done. The only missing piece now is staining the floor where the old wall used to be. Then we can focus on decorating… the fun part! Tomorrow, our bedroom wallpaper is going up and I’m hoping to have that room complete before Thanksgiving.


BookFriends & Strangers by J. Courtney Sullivan: I don’t even know how this book ended up in my hands but I started it last week and love it already. It’s about an anxious Brooklyn mom who moves to the midwest and her relationship with her babysitter, a college student who has fallen in love with an older man in London. It’s nice to read something light (so far anyway!) to take my mind off of the election before bed every night. 

TV Shows – Emily in Paris (Netflix): Everyone and their mother told me to watch Emily in Paris so I tried. And I tried and I tried. Finally a sinus infection over the weekend forced me to stay in bed with Netflix and I gave in. It is silly and incredibly unrealistic BUT (and hear me out), it’s a nice escape to Paris for 30 minutes an episode. And the fashion is fun to look at. The two gals from @everyoutfitonsatc gave it the most spot-on review here.

Defending Jacob (Apple TV): A friend recommended this show because I love anything murdery and wow. I had never heard of it but if you’re into murder mysteries (and Chris Evans), this one’s for you! Chris Evans plays a prosecutor whose son gets accused of murdering a classmate. It’s twisty, turny, dark, and the way it ends will shock you.


1. Mask chains: My trainer’s wife, Rachel, made me and Amalia customized beaded mask chains and I will never turn back! Being able to wear my face mask around my neck while running errands instead of fishing through my purse for it every time I go into a store has been a game changer. This pearl one is on my Christmas list and I love this tortoise version. Baublebar makes a cute gold beaded one and Shopbop has a lot of great options too.

2. ByeDon sweatshirt: Yesterday I shared this sweatshirt on my stories and you guys went bananas on it so here it is again. The ByeDon slogan is so clever and the sweatshirt itself is super cozy and soft. I got a large so it would be oversized with leggings.  I also love this tie-dye voter sweatshirt.

3. Soup recipes: I’ve been on a soup and stew kick since it started cooling down in New England. My top 5 are:

Although far from a healthy soup, I can’t not mention Bon Appetit’s apple cider donut loaf cake that Amalia and I made last week. I definitely was not expecting so many steps but they were all worth it! A slice of this toasted with butter is absolute heaven.

4. West & Willow pet portraits: West & Willow sent us the sweetest portrait of Bootsie that we hung in Amalia’s bathroom. These framed prints would make a great gift. I will definitely be adding them to my holiday gift guides! If you have any dog or cat lovers in your life, I highly recommend taking a look.

5. An irreverent adult coloring book: When I told a friend about how I’ve been feeling creatively stuck lately, she reminded me about adult coloring books. Anel and I were into them a few years back, but I kind of forgot about the trend. I had bought this one at the beginning of quarantine and forgot about it but brought it back out for meditation breaks. It makes me laugh, turns off my brain, and forces me to be a little creative… even if it’s silly.

What is one thing you’re loving this month?

Photos by Julia Dags.



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  1. Libby said:

    So I am the most excited for your Chappy Wrap x Lemon Stripes collab! Like cannot wait for it!!!! I also cannot count the number of times I have made that vegan moroccan lentil soup since quarantine started! It is so good, so comforting, and I know it is good for me!! Hope your sinuses start to clear up for you, Julia! Have a happy monday 🙂

    10.19.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Ahh thank you! I can’t wait either 🙂

      10.26.20 · Reply
  2. I admire your dedication in encouraging people to get out and vote! I am excited for more recipes to try- thanks for sharing!

    One thing we’re loving this month: We just went on a hike in Tolcott Mountain State Park in Simsbury CT… Beautiful views…cool castle at the top, and 2.5 miles round trip. The very beginning is quite steep, but the rest is fairly easy if you’re not an avid hiker…

    10.19.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      That is great! We are always looking for more outdoor activities nearby. Do you know if they’re dog friendly?

      10.26.20 · Reply
  3. Marie said:

    Thank you for the Defending Jacob rec. It was soo good! Please keep the books and TV recommendations coming. You are always spot on!

    10.26.20 · Reply