Some may say that flying across the country for two nights and only one full day just to see another human is insane. Others may have a sister and understand. There is nothing in the whole world like the relationship between two sisters and I happen to have the best one out there.

My baby sis, Lauren, moved to San Fransisco from Philly the same month that Amalia was born and until recently, I hadn’t realized how hard that was on both of us. We’ve lived near each other ever since I moved back to New York 10 years ago, and being physically apart has been a big adjustment… But it also makes the time that we do spend together that much more special.

People are always asking me when we’re going to give Amalia a sibling, and while I’m not even close to ready right now, I know that we will because I can’t imagine my life without my own sister and I want her to have that kind of relationship with a sibling too.

So, what were we doing in SF? Let me explain…

Two years ago on her birthday, I drove down to Philly to surprise her for the day. It was a Tuesday and I knew she had taken the day off of work so I did too. When she answered the door and saw me, she was in such shock that she slammed the door in my face, literally!

When she finally realized what was going on, I explained that I was there for a “day of fun” (Anyone remember that Friends episode?). We had no plans, and the only rule was that we had to be open to wherever the day took us… And it had to be fun!

We ended up at a beer garden, visiting the Liberty Bell, getting multiple cheesesteaks, eating ice cream before lunch, and going out to a fancy dinner. Basically, it involved a lot of food. Because we’re Italian and food = fun, duh.

We’ve talked about doing day of fun again since then. But she moved to San Francisco and I had a baby so it seemed like another spontaneous day like this was out of reach.

But now that Amalia’s a little older and I can more easily leave her for a day or two (although it’s still not easy), I decided to fly out to see her for day of fun 2.0. It was the first time we’ve gotten to spend time alone together in over a year and it felt so good.

We had breakfast with my mom, went for a beautiful hike, got second piercings in our ears, had mid-day cocktails, and met up with her fiancé and friends for dinner. Plus we were able to sneak in a quick 20 minute photo shoot because we rarely get any great photos together.

And yes, we showed up in the same shoes

When will we have our next day of fun? No one knows, but I can’t wait!

My Shirt / My Jeans / Flats (on both of us) / Lauren’s Jeans (Her shirt is old) / Lauren’s Sunnies


My Shirt / My Jeans / Flats (on both of us) / Lauren’s Jeans (Her shirt is old) / Lauren’s Sunnies

Photos by Emily Dulla.

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