Weekly Meal Plan: Week 3

This past week was rough for me physically so I ended up getting prepared food/ordering in more than I had hoped and sadly didn’t follow every night of my plan. At first, I was beating myself up over it but then Anel reminded me that I’m growing a human and it’s ok to not want to cook every day right now. Such a wise man, that one.

This is my third of four meal plans I’m sharing but would love to know from anyone who is joining me how it’s been going. Are you into it? Are the recipes what you’re looking for? Anything else you’d like to see?

I’m thinking of doing these posts monthly going forward if you’re liking them!

Extra: As a little something extra this week, for snacks and breakfasts, try making this power butter that only takes a few minutes but is packed with nutrients. It’s great for kiddos too.

Monday Night- 20-minute sweet potato skillet:  This skillet recipe is one of Anel’s favorite things I make… Little does he know it takes pretty much zero effort on my part. And I love it too! It’s great for after a long day of work when you want something home-cooked but don’t feel like working too hard.

Tuesday Night- Breakfast for dinner: I have this thing for Shakshuka and keep coming back to this (vegetarian!) Shakshuka recipe time and time again. It is as good for dinner as it is for Sunday brunch. You can see it pictured above too.

Wednesday Night- Order in: Usually we order in on Thursdays but my dad will be visiting so I want to cook for him when he’s here. So we’ll be ordering in on Wednesday. If that doesn’t fit with your flow, swap Wednesday and Thursday’s plan this week.

Thursday Night- Hillstone’s steak salad:  My dad is coming to see us for the night so I’m going to make him one of my favorite restaurant dishes ever, Hillstone’s steak salad. It’s a bit labor-intensive but I promise it’s so worth it. For a vegetarian option, swap in tofu for the steak.

Friday Night- Pizza night: Pizza nights are always the best nights!

Saturday Night- Out of town: We’re taking Amalia on a little adventure out of town for a weekend getaway so no plan for Saturday.

Sunday Night- Valentine’s Day: We’ll still be out of town, so we’ll probably pick something up from a restaurant nearby where we’re staying.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’d love a monthly post about meal planning..and I bet you’d be really good at recreating your “one outfit, two ways/ rewear it” with food..like take a recipe you have for cooking something (beans/tofu/ chicken etc) and then show how you could make 2-3 meals at once with the same main food item. .. that would really inspire me to try it knowing I’d be saving time and getting ahead of the dreaded “what’s for dinner?” question 🙂

    2.5.21 · Reply
  2. Rachel said:

    I really the process of hate meal planning but it’s been great to use up everything we buy from the store and nights are definitely a lot less stressful with a plan in place for dinner. At the beginning of the year I did a giant brain dump of all the things I like to make and that my family likes to eat and then broke that down into categories (slow cooker/dutch oven, quick meals, etc.) so now I have a list to refer to when I sit down to write out our meals on the weekend and make my shopping list. But I’ve been loving these meal plans and hope you keep them up because it’s definitely given me some inspo and some new go tos! My family really loved your garlic chicken and veggies in the slow cooker (so simple! so yummy!) and I made a variation on your brown rice bowls last night and wanted to drink the peanut sauce.

    2.5.21 · Reply
  3. Kristin said:

    I really like anything you post about food since your recipes and linked recipes have always been spot on. I have to admit, I’m not following the meal plan format, but I’ll usually take away a few recipes to put into my lineup for the coming weeks, so it’s still valuable for me.

    Would love to see some Bosnian recipes / flavors from Anel and his family. Also interested to know if Amalia eats along with you guys and if not, what do you sub for her?

    One of your best tips I found for our toddler is the hummus in the pasta trick! Ours is actually a very good eater but I’m always looking to boost her meals up with new textures and flavors.

    2.5.21 · Reply
  4. Col said:

    Another fan here. Your recipes and meal plans are always interesting and quite flexible (we deal with celiac and food allergies in my household). I like that they are not necessarily meat-heavy. We made the otsu this week using GF 100% buckwheat soba noodles, and everyone liked it. Gonna try that sweet potato skillet next!

    2.5.21 · Reply
  5. Michelle said:

    Hillstone’s Steak Salad is the best!! Thank you for sharing a link to the recipe

    2.5.21 · Reply
  6. AC said:

    I also really enjoy these posts, and I like how real your meals are – not too complicated. We meal prep every week so it’s nice to see new options to weave into our routine. We love a stuffed pepper or winter squash night since they’re veggie-forward and easy. You can use different spices, beans, meats and cheeses for flavor variations – Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Greek – so it doesn’t get old, or toss an egg/hummus/greens/cottage cheese on the leftovers and it’s a new dish!

    2.6.21 · Reply