4 Years with Amalia

My darling girl,

Today you turn 4 and with each and every year, each and every month, each and every day, you get more and more amazing.

I am blown away by the way you’ve grown into your role as big sister to “Lukey Dukey” over the last few months. I know it was really hard when mommy was pregnant and I couldn’t do as much with you as usual, but you learned patience and empathy during that time and it’s stuck with you.

You wake up every morning with the biggest cheese and the best snuggles. You go to bed every night asking for one more “hug and smooch” from mommy and daddy.

You are empathetic. When someone is hurt or sick, you always ask what you can do to help. You offer love, support, lots of bandaids, and boo-boo buddies.

You are creative. I love watching you color, paint, and play make-believe. Your mind is always turning and coming up with new ideas. It’s mesmerizing to watch.

You are kind. You are kind and loving to your friends and family. You share your toys (most of the time!) and love to make people smile.

You are smart. You soak up new words, letters, and ideas like a sponge and never forget a single thing. You definitely know more about birds than I do.

You are silly. Your dances and made-up jokes make me belly laugh every single day. And your giggle is absolutely contagious.

You are a great sister. Luca loves it when you make him laugh. You tell him it’s ok when he cries and that makes him feel better. You read him books and teach him everything you know.You love him with your whole heart. I love your love!

You are fashionable. And very opinionated about what you wear… You love to mix patterns and colors and express yourself shockingly well through your outfits.

You are beautiful inside and out. Your ice blue eyes stop me dead in my tracks. People stop you on the street to compliment them. When you smile, it lights up your whole face, and, to me, there is nothing more beautiful in the entire world than that smile.

You are my baby. Always and forever. I love you more than it will ever be possible to put into words. I adore you, my sweet girl. Now please stop growing up so quickly!

Photos by Julia Dags.


  1. beautiful post, beautiful child, beautiful family!

    7.25.21 ·
  2. This is such a beautiful, heartfelt post. I could feel the love oozing through.

    Happy 4 years on Earth Amalia! Cheers to forever! ❤️❤️

    7.31.21 ·