Car & Truck Clothes for Toddler Boys

Now here’s a blog post I never thought I’d be writing when I started Lemon Stripes Lemons & Loafers 13 years ago! But fast forward to today when I have a truck, car, bus, and excavator-loving little dude who hates to wear anything that doesn’t have a truck on it, unless it’s yellow, that is the only exception. There are a lot of vehicle-forward fashion options for toddlers but many of them are… not so cute.

Luckily, if you look hard enough, there are some good ones. And I’ve got you covered with this list! I realize this is a very niche topic today but back to regular programming on Friday.

1. Luca’s favorite Amazon sweatshirt, $16.99: He wore this as a layer all winter and influenced another little boy in his class to buy the same one. Such a #fashionista.

2. Dump truck hat, $32: I bought this for Luca yesterday because his beloved truck trucker-hat has seen better days.

3. Fire truck tee, $32

4. Set of 3 vehicles tees, $21.99: Great for daycare days and summer camp.

5. Fire truck shorts, $65

6. Jeep belt, $34 $12.50: Such a great deal!

7. Red striped shirt & short set, $92 $73: This brand is pricey but one of our favorites for special occasions. The pieces hand down to little siblings and cousins for years because the quality is top notch.

8. Monster truck 2-pack PJs, $24.99: Luca would actually lose his mind for these.

9. Striped excavator tee, $13.99

10. Dump truck shortalls, $92 $73: My favorite thing Luca owns.

11. Surfboard car boxers, $24 $12.50: We are far from done with diapers in our house but these would be cute with a cozy tee shirt for pjs.

12. Jeep sunset tee, $28 $16.80 (scroll to top left option): Such fun colors, def getting this one for Luca too.

13. Pick-up truck hat, $35: If your kid is more of a crane-lover, it also comes in a navy and green crane version.

14. Excavator needlepoint belt, $99: I mean it’s very fancy but I couldn’t not include it.

15. Gray truck shirt, $28, $16.80

16. Roll-up shorts, $44: These are just darling.

17. Summer PJ set, $29: You know we love our Hanna Anderssen .

18. Blue construction vehicle PJs, $14.99 $8.49: They only have smaller sizes left but these are so cute! I bought them for Luca last week.

19. Firetruck sweater, $52

20. Ice cream truck tee, $28

21. Customized firetruck hoodie, $84: My personal favorite item on this list.