Spring Cleaning Detox and Cleanse

 Are you…

-feeling heavy and tired?
-disorganized at home or work?
-wanting to fit into that bikini?


If you answered YES, then reach your goals by joining me on a super easy 5 day cleanse to detoxify and energize your body, mind, and home!

This ultra-fab cleanse will involve 5 days of eating clean, whole foods, clean, nutritional juices, and cutting out the things that make us feel lethargic and heavy. I will guide you through what to eat and how to make it. We’ll work on organizing your home to help you clear out some of the negative energy that keeps you from being your happiest healthiest self! I will assign you daily journal topics to work through the clutter in your mind as an added bonus.

What’s Included:
– A teleclass with ME! 30 minutes over the phone at the beginning of the cleanse to discuss the process and your goals
– Instructions for each of the 5 days via email
– Recipe ideas for every meal via email
– Daily email support from me!
– A newly energized and excited body, mind, and home!

March 12th-16th, 2012
Register by March 9th. You can register by clicking “Buy Now” below


Questions before you sign up? Email me at lemonsandloafers@gmail.com

 You may be asking yourself, “Why would I not join this awesome cleanse?”. Well, I’ll tell you right now there is no reason not to jump on board, clean up your act, and get ready for some positive life changes!


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