A Weekend in Connecticut


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Two weeks ago, we packed up and moved out here to good ole’ Connecicut, land of pretty light blue license plates, popped collars, and many many sail boats. That first weekend was all about moving and last weekend we road-tripped to Boston so this was the first time we’ve had to enjoy our new home-state.

Lucky for us, it was 80 degrees and sunny all weekend. Not too shabby! The things we did were so surreal to me (buying fresh eggs from a farmer on a hiking trail, going to bed at 10pm on Friday night, etc) that I just had to dedicate a whole post to them.

It’s almost comical how different this weekend was from one of our typical weekends back in Manhattan. Here’s the play-by-play.

Friday 3:30pm: Leaving work early to get my hair highlighted. I’ve been going to the same salon on the Lower East Side for 10 years. I start crying on my drive to my new salon in the ‘burbs. THIS is the change that is getting to me?
Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.55.52 AM

Friday 7pm: OMG my hair actually looks good, it’s a miracle! Maybe this place isn’t so bad after all.

Friday 8pm: Date night at Barcelona Wine Bar (Tapas restaurant) after everyone we’ve met recommended it. Now I see why. There were anchovies on toast, kale salad, chicken empanadas, heirloom tomatoes, garlicky mussels, and red wine. Lots of it.

Saturday 10am: Woah I slept in! I guess that can happen when it’s silent outside the window. Quick Face Time with my sister (she’s still in Manhattan so it’s a long-distance relationship) and we’re out the door for a day of activities.

Saturday 11am: Arrive at the Greenwich Audubon Society (of which I’m now a member, obvs) for a casual hike, when we discover that it’s a Hawk Festival. Natch. Of course we have to check it out. We hike a few quick trails, buy farm-fresh eggs straight from a real farmer, eat food-truck pulled chicken sandwiches with kale-apple slaw, and casually see a bird show. The usual.
Fresh Farm Eggs

Saturday 2pm: Thanks to my good friends at Vineyard Vines, Anel and I go on a massive shopping spree. We’re officially set for fall!
Vineyard Vines

Saturday 3pm: Target run. I wish I could put into words how much I love Target. We decide to go down every aisle just for fun. We went in for 4 things and leave with two carts-full. But at least now we have gigantic shower heads, an extra set of 5-pound weights, new lamp shades, and enough glass Tupperware for the entire state.

Saturday 6:30pm: Squeeze in an outfit shoot before dinner (stay tuned tomorrow). It’s much easier to shoot when there aren’t people everywhere.

Saturday 7pm: Anel and I discover a park by our apartment with the most beautiful sunset. Feeling like we’re on vacation until we realize this is real life now.

Saturday 9pm: Welp, we’re done with an amazing meal at Harlan Social (Oh hey there bacon jam). Now what? I think we need to get some friends. In the meantime, we cross the street and stock up on red wine at Fairway. The wine will be our friend until further notice.

Saturday 10pm: We decide it’s finally time to hang up some art. It’s finally starting to feel like home!
Entry Way

Sunday 7am: Up bright and early. Darn it! Decide to get some work done and clickity clack at my lap top for 3 hours.
Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.19.55 PM

Sunday 11:30am: Laying out in my courtyard with a good book and ice cold water. I highly recommend Silver Star by Jeanette Walls. I loved Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses SO much, and her first soirée into fiction doesn’t disappoint (so far).

Sunday 1:45pm: Pick up my sister at the train station and head to Le Pain Quotidien for my favorite vegan kale Caesar salad. I could eat that thing every damn day (I basically do).

Sunday 3pm: Grocery shopping again with my car. Have I mentioned how much I love doing this?

Sunday 5pm: Blog, answer emails, work and hang out with my sister until dinner.

Sunday 7pm: Sunday family dinner with quite a sunset. A tradition that we’ll never give up hence my sister’s trip to the ‘burbs. Grilled shrimp, roasted sweet potatos, red wine, and (another) homemade vegan kale Caesar salad. This habit is getting out of hand I tell you!
Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.20.11 PM

Sunday 8:30pm: Here I am writing this post and reminiscing on a wonderful but weird suburban weekend that didn’t involve one taxi, one whiff of pee on the street, or one trip to Duane Reade. Times they are a changin’.

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  1. PRBlonde said:

    So glad you had a great weekend and that we missed each other by mere blocks and minutes! We have to get our ‘party bus’ out there soon! xx, LP/PRB

    9.29.14 · Reply
  2. Heidi D. said:

    Love this post! So happy that the ‘burbs are treating you well:)

    Heidi D.

    9.29.14 · Reply
  3. Jessica said:

    Such a great peek into your weekend 🙂 It sounds like it was filled with great things and some peace and quiet!

    26 and Not Counting

    9.29.14 · Reply
  4. hithaonthego said:

    Who knew the UES smelled like pee? All I have to contend with are idiot tourists. I’m glad you had a good weekend but…

    Come back.

    9.29.14 · Reply
  5. Jeals. That art work is looking good! 🙂

    9.29.14 · Reply
  6. You make the ‘burbs sound better and better 🙂

    9.29.14 · Reply
  7. Great photos!

    9.29.14 · Reply
  8. Costco, Target and HomeGoods make the suburbs better for me 🙂

    9.29.14 · Reply
  9. Very envious of your weekend! Sometimes, moments filed with the simplest of things are the very best – and most memorable. 😉 Xo, Alison


    9.29.14 · Reply
  10. mark a. said:

    neat pics! i like those ties!

    9.29.14 · Reply
  11. Danielle Dall'au said:

    I totally share your salon angst – I never switched my salon when we moved to the ‘burbs! I still make the trip to Columbus Ave every 12 weeks. If you are looking for a good place to get your nails done, the salon in the Fairway shopping center is great – and there’s an awesome blow dry bar in that little area as well. You guys should also venture to Tod’s Point or Cummings Park – both beautiful and on the water!! Cheers to CT 🙂

    9.30.14 · Reply
    • Thank you SO much for the rec! I tried the nail place near Fairway and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. There is a new guy named Kevin you have to go see him. Best mani/pedi in the burbs so far!

      10.2.14 · Reply
  12. Kelli B said:

    Just discovered your blog and love it! Have to ask who is the artist of the great cloud painting in this post? It is lovely.

    10.6.14 · Reply