What’s Your Social Media Style?


Remember last month’s guest post about Typography by Erin? Well my lovely friend Karen from OutFirst Digital is a social media expert and wanted to share a few of her tips with you all for another LS guest post! Check it out. You might learn a thing or two.


Hey there, I’m Karen and my specialty is social media. I love working with small business owners to help them grow a tribe of followers. I’ll be popping in on Lemon Stripes from time to time to share best practices and how to express yourself in 140 characters or less.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or just love connecting with friends and family on Facebook, your social media style says a lot about you. My personal social media style is summed up in this quote by Mahatma Gandhi:

“Speak only if it improves upon the silence.”

Granted, Gandhi wasn’t referring to your Facebook posts or Tweets, but you get the picture. Personally, when I’m using social media to positively influence, inspire, educate and simply bring a smile to someone’s face, I know I’m getting it right.

Here are a few inspirational social media styles to follow:

Fashionable & Friendly
She inspires you to look your best all while making you feel as if you’ve been friends for years. Stylish and fashionable, she shows you how to step out and dress for success.

Follow Julia on Pinterest and @lemonstripes on Instagram. Get inspired by her fashionably fabulous social media style.

Healthy Foodie
Kale is the new black and The Healthy Foodie grows her veggies and eats them too. Pics of vibrant green juice, colorful salads and delicious kitchen creations fill her inspiring Instagram.

Follow Kris Carr @crazysexykris and Arielle Fierman @bewellwitharielle on Instagram for a nutrition education that will influence your healthy habits.

Zen & Inspirational
Words of wisdom and motivational quote graphics decorate her social profile. Uplifting and inspiring she simply shares from the heart.

Follow Aimee Follette @SunInBloom and Clea Shannon @LiveInspiredToday on Instagram for beautiful words to live by.

Socially Savvy
They’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. They’re socially savvy and love sharing best practices and cool tools to help you grow your small business.

Follow @OutFirst, @MariSmith and me (@KarenMahmud) on Twitter.

What’s your social media style?

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  1. Hailey Rotenberry said:

    Love this post! So helpful for starting out my own blog and social media sites!


    7.30.13 · Reply