18 Recipes to Try This Summer

Summer food is my favorite food. Most nights we fire up the grill for chicken or fish and serve side salads and juicy watermelon for dessert. I make a batch of my “famous” dairy-free pesto weekly and we put it on pretty much everything we eat. Here are 20 recipes I love and/or am inspired by for the summer.

Summer Corn Chowder: As a soup girl, this intrigues me. I would sub in coconut milk for the milk to make it dairy free. I’ll report back once I test this one out.

Anel’s Killer Margarita: Be careful, it’s a sneaky drink but tastes oh-so good. He worked on the perfect ratio for a long time and has it nailed.

Peach Salad: Um, yum.

Otsu Soba Noodle Salad: This go-to in my house never fails and can be served hot or cold.

Chicken Taco Bowls: Great to serve for a family dinner party and it’s so easy to make with the slow cooker.

The Best Chopped Salad: I tried this over the winter and have made some variation on it at least once/week since.

Summer Gazpacho: I love gazpacho and craved it daily when I was pregnant with both kids. I made this recipe last night and had 3 bowls of it! Pro tip: Make extra croutons for that good crunchy salty goodness.

Frozen Negroni: This grown up slushie never fails to get a party started.

10-Minute Summer Berry Pie: For the lazy dessert-maker (like myself) when you want something pretty and quick.

Summer Squash Pasta with Anchovies: Anchovies are quite polarizing but I could eat them day and night. I think it’s the Italian in me!

Buffalo Chicken Tacos: My dad’s wife, Jen, made these last weekend and I can’t wait to make them again. They were SO delicious and easy to make with the slow cooker.

Watermelon Jalapeno Salad: A forever classic in my family.

Peach Pie: I’ve never actually made a peach pie but it’s one of my all-time favorite desserts. I can’t wait to try this recipe sometime soon.

The Best EVER Dairy-Free Pesto: I don’t know much but I can make a killer basil pesto.

Cashew Crunch Salad: A good crunchy salad makes a great BBQ side because it doesn’t get soggy. This one looks divine.

Lemony Swiss Chard Pasta: Anel grows the most beautiful, sweet, delicious swiss chard and I’m always looking for new ways to cook it. I’ll be trying this recipe for sure.

My Favorite Summer Salad: We have this pretty much every night.

Tomato Galette: Last summer I attempted my first galette with tomatoes from the garden and it was a hot mess, but I am determined to perfect it this year once our tomatoes come out.

Summer Goddess Chicken Salad: This one looks righttttt up my alley.

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