My Favorite Dishes in Fairfield County

My favorite dishes in Fairfield County

We have some stellar restaurants here in good ole’ Fairfield County, Connecticut. People always ask me what to order at my go-to spots so here is a list of my favorite dishes at FFC’s finest eateries! For a full list of my favorite restaurants and shops in the area, visit my Fairfield County Locals Guide.

My mouth watered the entire time I wrote this, it was a struggle to not open Seamless and order one of everything.

Wagyu brisket bao buns at The Cottage: Fun to eat and insanely rich but worth every single bite.

Chicken Karaage at Kawa Ni: Anel says his number one dish in all of FFC is the tofu pockets at Kawa Ni. I disagree! I also love the shaved broccoli miso goma and the kimchi fried rice. Kawa Ni is one of my top 3 favorite FFC restaurants if you couldn’t tell.

Salad pizza (or any pizza, really) at Colony Grill: IYKYK. And you really should know.

Green goddess deviled eggs with fried oysters at The Whelk: We order these as an appetizer every time we go, which is a lot.

The Works at Valencia Luncheria: All of their arepas and empanadas are out of this world but when you order The Works, it comes with one arepa and one empanada, rice, beans, plantains, tostones and ceviche. A perfect meal!

Mafaldine al limone at Casa Me: A perfectly umami-y, lemon-y pasta.

Cabbage salad at Don Memo: I love everything at Don Memo but the cabbage salad is next level. I would give anything for the recipe. It’s a random order but just trust me on this one.

Shiso chips and dip at OKO: I cannot stop myself with these.

Build your own bowl at Layla’s Falafel: I generally go for rice, falafel, hummus, and a bunch of toppings.

Pistachio cornetto at Pausa Caffè: If you’re wondering what Italy tastes like before 10am, this is it.

Sesame ribeye tacos at Bartaco: As well as the chicken tortilla soup which is a new addition to the menu.

Cold lobster roll at The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood: I’ve also recently fallen in love with the lobster and shrimp spring rolls

Wagyu burger ‘animal style’ at Elm: Think a fancy version of the In-N-Out classic with all the same flavors.

Spicy rigatoni at The Tavern at Graybarns: They must put drugs in this because it is addictive.

Chorizo breakfast taco at Kneads: Everything at this cafe is pricey but worth the splurge every once in a while.

Salmon teriyaki donburi at Miyuki: Tucked away within Pine Street Concessions in New Canaan, Miyuki is a not-so-hidden gem and I will literally drive there for 20 minutes to get their salmon teriyaki bowl.

Grilled baby artichokes at Arden’s Rowayton: As well as the shaved Brussels sprouts salad.

Spicy Calabrese pizza at Sophie’s Pizza Bar: I also love their fennel salad.

Salade Niçoise at Le Penguin: I’m a Niçoise stan and this is the best one in the area, according to me.

Spicy tuna sandwich roll from Fjord Fish Market: Or any of their sushi, really

Salmon spring roll crepe at Meli Melo: They also have wonderful soups and juices.

Shoyu paitan ramen at Mecha Noodle Bar: Also their kale salad is fantastic and the only salad my daughter will eat.

Signature chopped salad with salmon at Nomade: A solid lunch order.

I’m sure I forgot a bunch, so I’ll add more as I think of them.