Our Night Away in the City

Every marriage has its ups and downs and all the things in between. It’s not just a cliché when people tell you that marriage is hard, but (in my experience) if you put in the work, communicate constantly, and make time for just the two of you, it’s a whole lot easier and a whole lot better.

I’m so proud of the work that Anel and I do to ensure we’re not only great parents to our children but great spouses to each other!

We took part of this weekend just for us with a quick overnight to NYC to connect, eat some great food, and get a change of scenery. Since COVID and then having Luca, we have been traveling a lot less, but after our Palm Beach weekend in February, we committed to a night or two away every few months with just the two of us.

After our rough Mother’s Day, Anel suggested a redo with a night away and it made me feel so loved. He knows I love a city date and we hadn’t had one in forever.

We’re so fortunate to have Anel’s parents nearby who adore our children and basically beg us to leave so they can babysit. And our kids love them right back. It is the literal best possible scenario and I don’t take it for granted.

We took advantage of their offer this weekend and took the train into the city for a night. The only real plans we made ahead of time were to book a hotel and make a dinner reservation for Saturday night. Beyond that, we wanted to just walk around, explore, and enjoy some alone time together.

Before kids, I used to plan our vacations down to the hour but it’s so nice to be able to do what we want without any set schedule these days.

Our train got in at 3ish so we got checked in, changed, and decided to walk from midtown to the West Village. It started drizzling but we had an umbrella and didn’t even care. By the time we got downtown, our feet were blistered but we were so happy.

We had a drink at Buvette and then sauntered east to Claudette (sensing a French theme much?) while popping into stores along the way. After dinner, we walked to get ice cream at Van Leeuwen’s and walked back up north until our feet could no longer handle it. I think we clocked over 4 miles just on Saturday night alone!

On Sunday morning we walked uptown to brunch at Via Quadronno through Central Park, taking our time to listen to musicians and take in the scenery along the way. We did some shopping on our walk back to midtown before training back to CT.

By the time we got home, we were SO excited to see our kids and felt so much more relaxed and connected to each other. Sunday afternoon and evening was low stress and full of happy times which, if you have young children, you know isn’t always the case.

I think it’s good for them to get a change to their schedule and to spend time alone with their grandparents and it’s good for all of us to miss each other a little bit.

These quick little getaways make a huge difference for us, our marriage, and our families!

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