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In June, I’m heading to Sicily to celebrate my 30th birthday, and I could not be more excited! My dad and his wife generously gifted the trip to me, my husband, my sister, and our 4 year old baby brother. We’ve rented a pretty incredible house on the west coast of the island and so far have no other plans beyond that. The trip is a blank canvas with room for adventure and a whole lot of food.

I’ve lived in Italy twice, traveled around much of the country, read The Leopard countless times (in both English and Italian! Ok fine, in Italian only once and I definitely could not do that anymore), but somehow in my 30 years have never made it to this magical island. I have a few ideas of things I want to see and food I want to eat but I need your help!

Have you been to Sicily? Do you have any recommendations? Please share them below! I’m dying for tips, restaurants to check out, beaches to hit, churches and museums to visit, and seriously anything else you can think of. 

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  1. mackenzie d said:

    So amazing! I have never been to Sicily, but if it’s anything like other Italian islands like Capri or Sardinia, you’re in for a treat! I was curious– when did you live in Italy? I am thinking of doing a semester abroad there, and wanted to know if you had done something similar? LOVE your blog!

    4.23.15 · Reply
  2. Shannon King said:

    Visit Taormina. Lots of shopping, restaurants everywhere, and the views from the mountain top are amazing. Also visit the beach, but take a cab down that enormous mountain!

    4.23.15 · Reply
  3. Nicole C said:

    Find Arancinis wherever you can! They’re like riceballs but they usually have meat, peas and cheese inside.. so good. Also, if you can get to Taormina, get there. The beach is gorgeous and theres usually a sandbar that allows you to walk so far out into the ocean. ENJOY!!

    4.23.15 · Reply
  4. Alexis F said:

    Yes, yes, yes! This is so great! I recently spent a week at the Verdura Spa outside of Sciacca, also on the west ( We did a variety of amazing things- winery tours, Italina cooking classes, golfing by the sea, spa, etc but my two favorite things were (1) renting bikes and biking all around Planeta Winery (seriusly, views were spectacular!!!) and (2) taking a local-guided tour of Agrigento- the most charming, darling town you’ve ever seen. And like $1 for amaaaazing homemade Italian desserts! I’ll actually be doing a full blog post on my time there in upcoming weeks, so be sure to check it- Happy to give anymore info. You seriously can’t go wrong, especially if you’re near the water. What a fun way to celebrate your 30th!!!!

    4.23.15 · Reply
  5. Katie said:

    So exciting Julia! Can’t wait to see pictures (and blog posts) from your trip!


    4.23.15 · Reply
  6. Rachael Shafer said:

    A major second to Taormina. Its on the eastern coast of the island, but it was hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. Walk all around town. The views of the beaches are stunning. Take time to linger in the piazzas and the public gardens.

    4.23.15 · Reply
  7. How exciting! I’ve never been to Italy and I can’t wait to go soon, looking forward to the hearing about your travels!

    4.24.15 · Reply
  8. Heidi D. said:

    This is so exciting! I am more than a little jealous! Have a great weekend, Julia!

    Wishes & Reality

    4.24.15 · Reply
  9. Paola Blanc said:

    Dear Julia, Taormina is beautiful, You have to see the Temple Valley in Agrigento, eat the granita, Acireale is a nice town and there is a great restaurant, L’oste scuro, also Catania is a beautiful town

    4.25.15 · Reply
    • Thank you this is so helpful!!!

      4.28.15 · Reply
      • Paola Blanc said:

        Another interesting city is Noto, it’s famous for its buildings, in Sicilian baroque style. I live in Italy and I’ve spent my holidays in Sicily for two times, I love this region so much

        4.28.15 · Reply
  10. Kathleen Harper said:

    What an amazing birthday gift!

    4.25.15 · Reply
  11. Giulia said:

    You need to eat cannoli siciliani! I don’t know if you ever had a cannolo but it’s a typical sweet mad of shortcrust pastry and ricotta cheese. It’s so delicious! I’m italian and Sicily is, maybe, the best region in my country! It’s full of good food and amazing things to see! Enjoy your trip!!!!!!

    Giulia |

    4.26.15 · Reply
  12. Eleanor Shannon said:

    Hi Julia, I love Sicily and have posted about vineyards, restaurants and cool things to do there on my blog. A few suggestions:

    My favorite wines and vineyards:

    In the Baroque town of Modica…magical place, frozen in time

    Accursio Restaurant

    Bonajuto: Oldest Chocolate Shop in Sicily (Aztec recipe)

    Eating Granita for Breakfast:

    I have lots more if you want to write me.
    I’ll be on Mt. Etna for the month of June!
    Sarebbe bello vederti!

    4.29.15 · Reply
  13. Mary Cars said:

    oh wow! lucky you! I’d love to go to Catania this summer.

    4.14.17 · Reply