My Weekend in Photographs

{Cleaning my jewelry box- post to come later this week}

This was the first weekend that I’ve had since June (June!) that we haven’t had to go out of town, run around the city with crazy amounts of plans, or host house guests. And it was magical. No responsibilities, no real plans, the freedom to do whatever we wanted. The two glorious days consisted of watching movies under a blanket, take out from Gobo, running 5 miles in Central Park, reorganizing all of my jewelry, a romantic date night with Anel, a comedy show, baking scones (recipe to come) and a whole lot of relaxing. Here it is, in photos!

{Juices from Juice Press for Sunday breakfast}

{A pair of earrings that had been lost for over a year!}

{Hitting up the last day of Madison Square Eats}

{View from brunch}

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