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spring goals

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Springtime always brings me a feeling of urgency that I need to make changes in all areas of my life. I know its coming when I start to spring clean my closet, a ritual that sparks all sorts of ideas for change around the home.


I have so many things that I want to accomplish this spring but it’s hard to keep track of them all. I write daily and weekly to do lists but the bigger, harder-to-do items always seem to get pushed. So this week I wrote a spring seasonal to-do list and figured I might as well share it with you. I’m hoping that posting my spring goals on the internet will help me to hold myself more accountable!



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You would be surprised at how often I get asked the question, “What is the rule for mixing patterns?”. My answer is that I have no effing clue. I just mix and then if it looks good I keep it on and if it doesn’t then I change it up. I realize this is not a scientific or very satisfying answer but that’s the truth.


Lately I’ve been drawn to mixing patterns in one color palette for whatever reason and here I go again, looking half like a crazy person and half stylish. That juxtaposition seems to be quite a theme for me lately. This silk striped shirt has been on repeat over the last month or two (also worn here) and for some reason I always want to pair it with another pattern.


Does anyone else out there have a good rule for pattern-mixing?



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I don’t work out as often as I should. Ideally, it would be 4+ times/week but it ends up at 2 or 3 on a good week. I love to run. I’m not very fast and I rarely ever do more than 5 miles but I love it nonetheless. A few years ago, someone jokingly said that I couldn’t run a half-marathon. Pshaww, proved that MF wrong! I trained for 3 months and by some grace of God, ran 13.1 miles on a cloudy September saturday in East Hampton. The feeling of completing it was incredible (as you can tell by the look on my face below).





Easter Sunday is always freezing. Every year. I swear it’s a curse. Yesterday I was determined to dress up in a springy sleeveless dress . . . damn it and it was kind of doable in New Hampshire where I was spending the holiday with my family (and by doable I mean it was approx 45 degrees but sunny).


I love the uniqueness of this two-toned purple lace dress paired with delicate gold jewelry and neutral accessories. It really made for the perfect Easter Sunday look.


Buttttttttt let’s be honest. I shot this outfit with Rebecca a week ago when it was nice and toasty in New York. It is a fabulous dress and I’m sure that I’ll wear it to many a wedding this summer but I knew that I couldn’t wear it on actual Easter Sunday given how much chocolate I always end up consuming. A potato sack is more on point with the look I was going for. That worked out well for me.


We had such a nice New England weekend, complete with an Easter egg hunt with my 3-year old brother wearing Go-Pro on his head. Catching him sneaking a chocolate when he thought no one was looking was priceless. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING