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Two more days of work until we all get a nice long break. The next 48 hours is going to be a mad dash of fitting 2 weeks work into two days, packing, traveling, and one happy hour. Just have to make it through!


I have to mention this because I spent 5 hours this weekend listening to Serial. My husband has been telling me for weeks to start listening but up until this weekend, I literally didn’t even know how to listen to a Podcast (#livinginthewrongcentury).


Holy cow, I’m so glad that I figured it out because I’m now a tried and true Serial addict like the rest of the country. I’m so obsessed with knowing whether Adnan is guilty or not and I know that I’ll never find out. It drives me crazy


Holiday 6


Red vest + Plaid

Plaid + Cashmere

Hanging a Kate Spade Gallery Wall


One of the biggest perks of moving to the ‘burbs this September was his and hers bathrooms. No more fighting over mirror space and I can be as OCD as I want about cleaning my sink. It’s glorious.


My private bathroom in Connecticut is bigger than the kitchen we shared in Manhattan. Mind boggling, I know. I have decorated my apartment in a way where every room makes me smile as soon as I walk in but there was something lacking in my bathroom. I couldn’t accessorize with a shower curtain because I have a glass shower, the tile on the floor is dark grey, and the lighting is less than stellar.


When Kate Spade sent over a package full of their new limited edition art prints, I knew Anel would never let me create a girly gallery wall in any shared space so to the bathroom it was! I peppered in a floral print that my mom gave me and an Inslee champagne toast.


I was inspired by Kate Spade stores as well as the J.Crew bathroom in their Flatiron store. Now when I take a shower or do my make up, I feel like I’m in a fancy dressing room. It made me realize that we should never settle for just ok. . . even in the bathroom!


Shop all Kate Spade art prints here


Below is a shot of the before (I can’t believe I lived like that for 3 months!) and some “after” shots. Enjoy!


Kate Spade Before

Kate Spade Art Prints

Kate Spade

Gallery Wall

Shop the prints from this post:


Town Hall


The last few weeks of the year are always some of my favorite. For one, it’s Christmas and New Years Eve so duh. But going beyond that, my husband and I usually pack up and head to New Hampshire for 10 full days for some serious R&R and family time. Today I partnered up with Target to show you a peek at what I’ll pack for the trip!


I am going full force at work and in holiday parties until we leave, but it’s right around the corner (yay!) and I am itching to make my favorite drive up north like we do every year, my sister and I singing Christmas carols the whole way up (Sorry Anel!).


Have I already started packing my Kate Spade travel bag? Yes, what kind of question is that. Have you met me?


My bag is full of cozy sweaters, comfortable (and forgiving) leggings, plaid shirts, blanket scarves, and boots. Plus, of course, a trunk full of Christmas presents!



Town Hall 6

Town Hall 2

Town Hall 3

Town Hall 2.1

Packing Preview


Shop my picks for cozy sweaters, warm scarves, and plaid shirts from Target:


Don’t forget, all of my holiday gift guide picks (plus more!) can be found on this Pinterest board. Keep an eye on it because I add new pieces every day.



Find your style @targetstyle.


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Toggle Coat


Toggle Coat


It’s about that time of the year when it becomes far too cold to take photos of myself to put on the internet. . . without wearing a coat that is. They can be pricey and my coat closet is already filled to the brim, but I was excited to add a classic navy toggle coat to my collection. Not only is it perfectly preppy and goes with everything but it’s surprisingly warm. Thank goodness because we took these photos on Saturday in Greenwich on an afternoon that was not tropical to say the very least.


I know the hot tea looks like a prop but my hands were starting to turn purple so it was necessary. Ok it was kind of a prop though, the cup matched my pants, I basically had to!


We spent the day on The Ave, doing the last of our Christmas shopping and eating a late lunch at Ginger Man. Everyone we passed seemed to have a holiday sparkle in their step.


A shout out to the enthusiastic Lemon Stripes fan who said hello in the street. It made me feel very famous in front of my husband which is always fun. But seriously you made my day!


Toggle Coat

Toggle Coat

Toggle Coat

Toggle Coat

Don’t forget, all of my holiday gift guide picks (plus more!) can be found on this Pinterest board. Keep an eye on it because I add new pieces every day.


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