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Work it Out


Last February, I announced that I was beginning a year-long partnership with Target. It’s been a fun year and today marks my last post for them! A few of my favorites were this crop top look, this Americana summer outfit, and of course the white shirt challenge.


The posts got easier once I moved to Connecticut and could regularly hit up my local Target store in person (a favorite weekend activity of course). It can be a lifesaver in so many situations.


Tonight I’m having drinks with a few girlfriends (slash sparkling water, eff you Dry January!) and I know I’ll be rushing last minute from work to the restaurant. I’ve done this before and I’ll probably end up doing it again but sometimes I pop into Target and pick up a bold lip stick, spray on my favorite scent (Bulgari White Tea is fresh, clean, and I wore it for my wedding), and buy pair of pumps (these are under $60) and a statement necklace to take my outfit from work to drink-appropriate.


On days like this, I’ll wear a pretty basic outfit- Black pants and a grey sweater or silk blouse so that I have room to play with it. If I really don’t have any time to change, it’s all about that swipe of red or bright pink lip stick to make the look


Do you have any tips for making your work outfit happy-hour ready?




Find your style @targetstyle.


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.


Lemon Stripes Living Room

After living in our new apartment for 5 months now, I’m finally ready to let you all into my living room. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort making it beautiful, comfortable, and 100% us. I’m so proud about how it turned out!


I’m so excited to be collaborating with the great Gray Malin to bring you this post! Check out this post on his blog to learn more about how I decorated the room and more details on my honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast which sparked our decision choose this show-stopping photograph of Positano, Italy.


For details on everything you see in this post, just scroll all the way down!


Lemon Stripes Living Room
Before we get started, I want to say a very special thank you to Shelby, my amazing designer at The Havenly for helping me get to this place! See our original concept board here.


Lemon Stripes Living Room
Anel and I spent our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast and went to this exact spot. It was the best, most romantic trip of my life and I love having a reminder of it in my home every day. It’s amazing how photos can take you back to a different place and time in your life and Gray’s oversized print does that for me 10x.


Lemon Stripes Living Room
Although it’s not quite as sentimental, we also chose this quirky shot from his Aqua Glam series for above our dining room table. I find it hilarious to eat a candle-lit dinner every night next to synchronized swimmers!


So step on in and take a tour of the room we use the most at home. I hope you enjoy these gorgeous photos that my husband took.

full room 2

Lemon Stripes Living Room

I spend a lot of time blogging and managing my social media at home and haven’t quite figured out where to put an office yet so I often find myself camped out on the couch in the hours after I get home and before I start cooking dinner.


Gray Malin 2
I’m the only blogger ever without a traditional bar cart but I am so in love with this antique original Dorothy Draper chest that my husband bought me for Christmas this year. It brings a masculine element to a room that could easily tip on the side of too girly. We stock it with our favorite whiskeys and, of course, homemade Bosnian Rakia.


Lemon Stripes Living Room

Lemon Stripes Living Room

Lemon Stripes Living Room
I’m big into styling and re-styling all of my shelves (Shelfie, anyone?). I bought this brass étagère because it’s open and showcases beautiful things in such a beautiful way.


Lemon Stripes Living Room

Lemon Stripes Living Room
Our coffee table plays a lot of roles: Dinner table (it opens to the perfect height!), desk, and foot-rest. Half the time it’s meticulously styled like this but the other half of the time, it’s just a brass tray of our remotes and a small vase of flowers… Always flowers.


Lemon Stripes Living Room

Lemon Stripes Living Room

Lemon Stripes Living Room

Gray Malin 15
This striped chair was custom-made for me by my friend Roxy, the owner of Society Social. I had always wanted a navy and white striped club chair but couldn’t find one that I loved. I told Roxy my challenge and she created the perfect cozy seat for me. I spend a lot of time in it drinking tea, reading, watching movies, and working.


Lemon Stripes Living Room
This wedding photo makes me smile every time I pass it. It was taken candidly right after we were pronounced husband and wife. The look of pure love and joy on our faces is unbeatable.


Lemon Stripes Living Room
The photos in this post don’t do the Gray Malin print justice. It’s literally 5 feet across and the most striking piece of art that I’ve ever seen in a home. The bright colors can turn any frown upside down and it gives me hope that winter will end one day!


Lemon Stripes Living Room

A sweet deal!
Use code XOXO when shopping at this this week to get a special gift from Gray with your order. Want an insider tip? Sign up for his newsletter and you can also receive 20% off your first order.


Designer: The Havenly
Art: Gray Malin
Storage coffee table: West Elm
Book shelf: Ballard Designs
Mirrors: Wisteria
Couch & custom striped chair: Society Social
Blue pillows: Serena & Lily
Green pillows: Society Social
Bar/Chest: Antique
White tray: West Elm
Rug: c/o Pottery Barn
Gold sea urchin: DwellStudio c/o Lulu & Georgia
All ginger jars: Williams Sonoma
Topiary: Overstock
Candles: Diptyque
Mug: c/o Kate Spade


Crunchy Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I eat it probably too often so I like to make all kinds of varieties so that I don’t get sick of it (like that’s even possible?).


I’ve done the citrus thing with a squeeze of lemon juice, I love adding chia seeds or hard boiled eggs for extra protein, and sometimes I drizzle it in honey. Lately, I’ve been adding some crunch.


This is how I made it.


At Nourish Snacks, we just re-worked one of our snacks (gave it a face lift if you will), Chili’n in the Corn’r, so I thought I’d use it on my avo toast last weekend. It has some citrus, some spice, and a whole lotta crunch.


Step 1: Toast your bread. I used a sprouted grain spelt bagel
Crunchy Avocado Toast

Step 2: Scoop out half an avocado and mash it in a bowl with a sprinkle of sea salt, and red pepper flakes
Crunchy Avocado Toast

Step 3: Drizzle your bread with extra virgin olive oil
Crunchy Avocado Toast

Step 4: Spread mashed avocado over bread. This can get messy, be warned.
Crunchy Avocado Toast

Step 5: What’s my secret? Sprinkle with some crunch! I used crushed up Chili’n in the Corn’r.
Crunchy Avocado Toast

Crunchy Avocado Toast

Step 6: Transfer to a plate and enjoy!
Crunchy Avocado Toast

Save 10% on all Nourish Snacks with code LEMONSTRIPES10. My personal favorites are Cocoa-nut Crush, Hot & Popular, and Monkey Love.




Blush 6


This weekend was incredibly refreshing yet productive, preparing me for today’s blizzard. It snowed like crazy on Saturday so we stayed in and watched movies with tea and warm blankets for a good part of the day. Hitha, Victoria, and their husbands came out to visit for apps at our place followed by a vivacious dinner in Greenwich. They all headed back to the city by 10pm which was awesome because I got 9 hours of sleep and was ready to tackle all of my errands and extra work on Sunday.


All of the snow had me in a cozy winter kind of mood and I spent the weekend in this soft-as-feathers blush pink sweater. I paired it with leggings and boots for manis with Lauren on Sunday morning and with sweats in the afternoon for cooking and some work. I made a new slow cooker recipe for a spiced chicken with winter root vegetables that I can’t wait to share with you soon!


I threw on my favorite ripped white jeans to recreate an outfit from last week. Anel and I took a snowy walk near the river but lasted for only about 20 minutes before we got too cold and headed back into the comfort of our living room which I cant wait to share with you on Wednesday.


Today’s blizzard is making me feel incredibly lucky to have a roof over my head and food to eat every day. Stay safe on the roads and wherever you are today! #polarvortexyetagain.


Blush 3

Blush 2

Blush 4

Blush 1

Blush 5