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Printed Shorts

c/o Necessary Clothing shirt and shorts (similar), c/o Loren Hope necklace, Jack Rogers sandals


For my last Mexico look, I bring you the comfiest beach night outfit ever (see the other two looks here and here). I wore this on our first night in Cancun, an evening spent sipping margaritas and watching the sunset, curled up in cozy beach chairs. Wearing oversized silky fabrics was a necessity because of the amount of food we ate and also because of my sunburn (You can see it here on my right arm. Not good, wear sunscreen!)


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Strawberry Paleo Ice Cream

Wow it’s been forever since I’ve posted a recipe. Sorry about that, guys. Thank God for the ladies of Recipe Swap 2k14 for incentivizing me to do so! This month we were tasked with creating a spring recipe which made for endless possibilities.


Making Paleo ice cream was actually my husband’s idea. He eats an 80% paleo diet so I’m constantly pushed to be creative in the kitchen which ends up benefitting both of us. I am dairy-free so the idea of making an ice cream that I could eat made my mouth literally water. It had to be done.


I don’t have an ice cream maker or any fancy machines. This recipe is pretty darn easy and guys it tastes. Like. Ice Cream. It’s super refreshing, sweet, and pretty to eat.


Besides tasting amazing, there are a few health benefits (healthy ice cream? oh yes). I used raw local honey as a sweetener which helps combat allergies this time of year. Strawberries (or any berries) are a great, low-sugar fruit that helps clean out your winter gut in the spring.


I made dessert but the other bloggers in this recipe swap have you covered in all areas: Apps, entrees, sides, and desserts. Look no further for all of your new favorite recipes!



Strawberry Paleo Ice Cream:







Spring makes me want to wear pastels every day of the week. Ok wait a sec, back it up! Every fashion blogger ever started a blog post with that line at least once in the last 2 months. Sorry guys, but I couldn’t help myself. Pastels are awesome and obviously we’re all drawn to them this time of year but I’m down with pastels in every season (see how I do in winter and summer).


What’s fun about pastels in the spring, however, is that you can pair a bunch of them together, look slightly like the Easter bunny, and no one gives a shit. I’ve been wearing this back-draped shirt with white jeans a lot lately but thought they might be fun with pink pants and an equally springy turquoise bag plus a necklace to match. I realize it’s slightly over-the-top but the sun is finally shining and I want to celebrate that!



City Pants


Athleta City Pants


Ok guys, this weekend . . . Woah! It was so incredibly beautiful and hot (not warm, straight hot) that I couldn’t not spend most of it outside. Anel and I went for our first Central Park run of the year, I had an impromptu girls afternoon sipping rose on Victoria’s balcony, and we had a lovely double date with Natalie and her husband. Overall, the weekend was an A+. Ending it feels sad but happy to know that there will be more like this coming our way.


I’ve been back at work full time for almost 6 months now but it feels like I just started my job. I still struggle on a daily basis with balancing waking up early, working all day and then running my own business at night. I don’t have time to be uncomfortable and find myself wearing work out clothes to work when I can dress them up.


I just discovered Athleta’s City Pant Collection which is made up of comfy workout pants that you can wear in your every day life (um, score). We paired up to show you how to wear the easy peezy pants to work!


At first, I struggled because they’re pretty loose and casual. A tight shirt made me look like Sporty Spice, a loose silk shirt just made me look like a potato sack. I finally settled on my favorite slightly slouchy white tee and a structured blazer which pulled the look together.


Heels might have made this look cooler but if I’m being real about what I wear to work, CLICK TO CONTINUE READING