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Target Jeans 4


Fact: Pretty much every pair of jeans I’ve ever bought has been dark blue, white or black. Light denim has never really been my jam. For today’s post with Target, the assigned topic was light or dark denim. I decided to try something new and casually style a super-light jean legging for the look.


Working for a start-up, this summer has been all about the casual looks for me. Adding in this shiny new pair of silver birks (a birthday present!) has been. . . how to I say this . . . life altering. I had a pair in middle school but haven’t thought about the brand until a recent surge of popularity in the blogosphere (I know, that word is the worst). I was planning on not hopping aboard that train but I’m SO glad that I did. They’re like a pillow for my feet and I can wear them all over the place and still be comfortable by the end of the day. I sincerely hope that they stay in style for a while.


Onto the jeans- Dark denim can be dressed up or down but a light-colored jean legging can pretty much only be described as casual which is why I paired them with my silver foot pillows and current favorite shirt last weekend (twice, oops).




Image found here. Not sure of original location.


Today’s post was supposed to be all about decorating my new apartment- the process, what I’m adding to the new space, and what I’ll be bringing from our current set up. All very important things and I assure you that content is coming soon enough! But there is something far more important on the forefront of my mind so I thought I’d share that instead.


A few days ago, I received an email from my closest aunt (and Godmother) saying that her partner needs a kidney transplant within the year. The wait list for a kidney is 5-8 years so that is not an option for her.


My first reaction was shock and sadness followed by, “Shit, am I about to donate a kidney?”. I hate to admit this but I felt, just for a millisecond, a wave of relief when I realized that I’m a different blood type than Patti. That split second was followed by an hour of EXTREME guilt at my initial reaction. Someone that I love needs a kidney to live and I felt relief? What the hell is wrong with me?


After talking to a few people, I realized that this reaction is normal in emotionally overwhelming situations such as this. I am 100% sure that if I matched her blood type I would have taken the next steps in the long process of organ-donation. Of course I would do anything to save the life of a family member. Wouldn’t I?


My husband and I spent that evening talking about certain life or death scenarios and what we would do if we were placed in them (a super upbeat conversation, let me tell you!). The idea of selflessness came up a lot. It made me think about at what point I would put someone else’s life before my own. Since then, I’ve been asking myself the question- How many of the decisions we make spur out of selfishness as opposed to selflessness?


It’s easy to put yourself first, to think about your own happiness before anyone else’s. But at the end of the day, we all want to live a life that we’re proud of, and although certain decisions might not be easy or comfortable, I hope to think that people will make the right ones.


Want to help Patti or know someone who might? We’re looking for any healthy person (male or female) with type O blood. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number and is not a huge factor. The donor will have to go to Tufts Medical Center in Boston for initial testing. All expenses will be covered by her insurance (free vacation!). The surgery will be sometime in 2015.


I’d like to ask you all for two things today: 1. Your prayers for my aunts (who have already told me that they have a few prospective donors!) and 2. to do something selfless today. Spend your lunch money on a sandwich for a homeless person. Forgive your mom/dad/husband/friend and tell them that you love them. Donate money to a cause you believe in. If we all do something small, maybe we can create a wave today!




Camel Shirt 1


Here we are, another week older, another week wiser, folks! The next 10 days will be especially interesting for me because my husband will be traveling to visit his family in Bosnia. As much as I love the guy, it’s going to be so nice to be a single gal for a little while (no offense, baby).
Camel Shirt 3


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan to be painting the town red, I’m talking about watching Divergent in my sweatpants, eating white beans and kale for dinner every night on the couch, sprawling out across the bed when I sleep, finally finishing the last season of Mad Men, and deep cleaning my apartment every other day. It’s going to be epic.
Camel Shirt 2


In reality, I’ll probably be working 24/7 whether that means for actual work, Lemon Stripes, or planning our big move (my Google docs are seriously getting out of hand!). Speaking of, this was the second to last weekend that we’ll have in New York. I realized that late last night and totally freaked out. I had such a great NYC weekend with rooftop birthday parties, dinner with my college gal-pals, and a long afternoon chat with Victoria and Hitha. It’s really starting to hit me that we’re leaving.
Camel Shirt 4


So here is my first post taken in the ‘burbs near my office. I work in Port Chester so I figured I’d start getting you guys accustomed to out-of-the-city blog posts! I wore this look to work a few weeks ago after my serious C. Wonder shopping spree. The camel shirt has become one of my favorite pieces and I can’t wait to rock it with my new favorite pair of CLICK TO CONTINUE READING

Pattern mixing


Happy hump-day, kids. Today’s outfit is a bit all over the place featuring different colors and patterns which also happens to be my current state of mind.


Work has really been amping up so I’ve been spending more hours at the office. Because we’re traveling so much on the weekends this summer (not complaining!), I spend my week nights blogging and shipping orders from my shop which has left no time for working out, manicures, or much of a social life at all.


On top of it all, I’m planning our big move out of the city which is both extremely exciting and terrifying at the same time. There is so much to do! We have to find someone to live in our current apartment, pack everything up, find movers, and decorate the new space (aka my favorite thing to do ever).


Last night I had a call with Shelby, my fabulous designer from The Havenly who I’m working with for the second time (see our first living room makeover with them here). Our new apartment is going to look AMAZING thanks to her. I can’t wait to share the progress with you all!


Although that aspect of it is fun, the idea of leaving New York City for the ‘burbs which has been the center of my universe for almost 7 years is causing a lot of anxiety and crazy thoughts in my head. What if we hate it? What if we have no friends? What will I do if I can’t see my sister every week? How will I possibly survive without my favorite sushi delivery? I wonder what it’s like to do my own laundry. . . in my own apartment.


So that’s my inner monologue lately and I think this outfit kind of embodies that chaotic thinking. Oh Jeez was that the worst analogy ever? Sorry! Too many things happening above my eyebrows right now.