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My obsession with clean Everlane separates started last year when I bought the Ryan Tank which I now have in all 3 colors and wear in infinite ways, like under a blazer or with jeans and a scarf, or paired with plaid.


This fall, I’m coveting everything Everlane especially the Cashmere Crew and their carry-all leather bag. Everything is well-made, flattering, and at the right price point. If you need any basics, I highly suggest taking a peak!


My Everlane Picks:


Cedar Circle 4


Cedar Circle Farm is a farm stand near my dad’s house in New Hampshire. We go there whenever it’s warm enough to be open to pick pumpkins or strawberries depending on the season. This weekend was no different. Anel and I went to pick up a pumpkin, some grass-fed beef, a bushel of freshly-picked apples, and bags on bags of their leafy greens all while drinking homemade apple cider.


Talk about a perfect fall afternoon, am I right? Of course I ended up in my go-to scarf and vest combo for the whole day. I wish it could be fall weekends every day. . .


So many people have asked me on Instagram how I tie my blanket scarf so here is a step by step guide:


1. Fold scarf into a big triangle
2. With the point down and in front of you, wrap the two ends of the triangle behind your neck
3. Continue pulling on those two ends so that they are in front of you
4. Tie the ends together in front of the fabric of the point


Cedar Circle 3

Cedar Circle 5

Cedar Circle 2

Cedar Circle 6

Cedar Circle

Sunday Morning


Yesterday, I went to church for the first time in a long time because my dad was speaking and my baby brother was singing in the children’s choir (possibly the cutest thing ever).


On our drive home last night, my husband and I had a long talk about religion and how we will want to raise our kids one day. We came to the conclusion (I hope this isn’t TMI!) that we want them to understand prayer and always give thanks for what they have. We will teach them about all types of spirituality and let them choose how they want to practice it in their lives.


As a kid, my family went to church every week. It was a Sunday morning ritual that I still feel nostalgic for every once in a while. We would get all dressed up, sit in a beautiful space while learning about how to do unto others. It was wonderful and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. These days, I go on Christmas and Easter but always say a prayer before bed and when I feel like I need some extra support.


My husband, on the other hand, grew up in Bosnia during the war. His family was Muslim which meant that at any time, they could be (literally) killed for practicing their religion. It was a horrifying thing to live through. He saw people die because of their spirituality which has forever his tainted his vision of organized religion.


On a much lighter note, this is what I wore yesterday morning. I’ve worn this Buckley K. dress twice now- Once to a fall wedding in Brooklyn and here. I realized that I didn’t have a perfect black dress for cooler weather and I finally found it in this! The flouncy skirt, drop waist, and longer sleeves make it flirty, flattering, and perfect for any occasion on-which I have to dress up.


Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning



Yummie Jeans


Like most young women, I have a guilty pleasure and it rhymes with Shreal Spousewives. . . I’m addicted to the whole franchise but especially RHONY. When the Yummie team reached out to me about doing a post together, I got a little giddy because Heather is my favorite housewife of them all!


I’m always so inspired by her smile, positive attitude, and ability to balance it all in the midst of all that craziness. Once I started wearing her jeans and leggings, I had a whole new respect for the empire that she’s building. They fit perfectly, suck in everything that I want sucked in, and flatter like no other. Plus they look and feel wonderfully high end.


Want to try them for yourself? The Yummie team is offering Lemon Stripes readers 20% off anything on the entire site with the code YUMMIESTRIPES20 (Valid through 11/5). I recommend sizing down. These are my regular size but I wanted them to be just a smidge tighter.


Yummie Jeans

Yummie Jeans

Yummie Jeans

Yummie Jeans