The Coziest Sweater for Fall

Happy Monday! I had a pretty laid back weekend, but it was much needed after our trip. I went to a Amanda's baby shower and then we had some friends over on Saturday for early apps which is our new favorite activity with them. They had a baby a month after we did, so dinnertime is tough for all of us.


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Our Philosophy on Pacifiers

One of the “mommy questions” I get asked most often is if we use a pacifier or not. If you had asked me before I had a baby if we’d use one, the answer would have been totally different, so I thought I’d share my thoughts for other new mamas trying to figure it all out.

Rainbow Baby

Being in Bermuda last week brought up so many emotions for me. This is probably TMI but the first time I got pregnant was there, and I couldn't help but think about that way too much while we were on the island. I've been wanting to write about having a baby post-miscarriage, and now that she's approaching three months, I think that I've finally wrapped my head around the feelings.

Family Trip to Bermuda

Well our first vacation as a family was a success... although I fully understand why my mom friends say when you travel with kids it's a "trip" and not a vacation. I had no idea just how much work it would be to fly and be in a totally new environment with such a little baby.

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Life Lately: Volume 33

What a strange week to live through... a strange month really. Scratch that, the last year has been a whirlwind of tragedies and worldwide heartbreak. The worst part is that whenever there's another shooting or terror attack, it doesn't feel like a surprise anymore. It feels like it's becoming the norm in the news and that is not ok.