Life Lately: Volume 31

This week was uneventful, which was actually really nice. I caught up on some work, finally cleaned my desk and office, and put my maternity clothes in a box in the attic for the next time around, God willing. I wasn't sad to see them go, ha!

Anel was sick for the better part of the week so I was on double mom duty which made me realize just how much he does and how grateful I am to have him be so involved.

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Fall Staples

I've done a fall staples post every year for the last three years and it's always one of my favorites. I love love love fall clothes (anyone else?!) and am drawn to the same staples year after year with a few twists.

For example I always buy myself a new plaid shirt, usually whatever pattern J.Crew puts out for their "perfect shirt" in the fall...


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Celebrating Milestones

Sponsored by Cetaphil Baby.

Baby milestones are something that every new parent gets excited about. Whether it’s the first time they roll over or their first smile, it gets documented and celebrated with a million photos, videos and words of encouragement.

My friends at Cetaphil asked me to share some of the “firsts” I’m most excited about with Amalia to celebrate the brand’s 70th anniversary.