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Maxi Dress


O.M.G. We did it. We packed up all of our stuff (over 50 boxes!) and moved our jaded-New York-selves out to the suburbs. There were tears shed (a lot of them), muscles pulled (a few of them), and magically only one thing broken. I have to say, it was all worth it- Sitting here writing this post from my spacious office (slash guest room) feels pretty darn great.


There are no sirens outside of the window (my ears are ringing it’s so quiet), the air smells clean, and I just washed my dishes in the dishwasher and used my very own washing machine. Mind. Blown. Despite all of that, I feel a small pang in my chest for Manhattan.


The gritty streets and busy people have kept me going for 7 years and the change is already a shock to my system. The weirdest part of living in Connecticut so far is that you have to drive to the store instead of walking there. It made for much easier grocery shopping and I definitely went to Target 3 times this weekend.

I took these photos right before I left in the East Village, one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. Sorry that I don’t have more to say but I’m completely fried physically and emotionally. Stay tuned for photos and updates from the new place!


Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress


Photos by Bekka Palmer.


Fashion Challenges

Let’s sit down and have a little chat, shall we? Pick up your coffee and I’ll pick up mine. Here we go. My friends, family, and random acquaintances are always asking me questions about what to wear for certain events or body types and sometimes I feel like I give pretty decent answers. So I thought, why not do the same for my AWESOME readers?


I posed a question on Twitter last week: “What is one thing that you love about style, and one thing you find challenging?”. There were some great answers and I decided to address some of the challenges that you guys wrote in today’s little Q&A.


I’m by no means an expert but I’ve learned a lot about fashion over the years as a New Yorker and I hope I can help in some small way. Let me know if you like this kind of post and I’ll make it a regular thing. If you have a fashion challenge, comment below and I’ll respond to all comments with an answer.



Effortlessly Chic
@AliMackin wants to know about “looking put together but without looking overdone”
Shirt Dress


Great question and I have a great answer for this one! My go-to for effortless-chic is always a simple dress with my favorite pair of shoes. For fall, I’m totally crushing on this shirt dress and plan to buy it in olive, navy, and white. If you have a dress that you love and looks chic, you don’t have to do anything else besides add shoes and a bag. Truly effortless!


How to Stay on Trend
@Amandabnguyen asked “how to be on trend without steering too far away from your signature look”
Leather Leggings



I’m not a very trendy gal and struggle with the same issue. I try to buy one trendy piece each season and pair it with classic pieces. For example, this fall I bought this pair of leather leggings but plan to pair them with a classic button down and a blazer. I’ll be on trend but keep my preppy signature look!


Tips for Chesty Gals
@meghandono is challenged by “dressing when you have a chest on ya!”
Big Chest


That depends if you want to accentuate the chest or show it off. I’m assuming since you’re asking that you want to tone it down (If I’m wrong, let me know!) I suggest a silk top that you can unbutton to the exact right spot and a SUPER flattering skirt, like this pencil skirt, or pair of pants to draw the attention downtown . . . That sounded dirty. Not my intention! Last tip is to wear heels to elongate your legs and (again) bring focus to the lower half of your body.



Find your style @targetstyle.


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Moving Must Haves


Ok moving is really effing stressful, guys. And when you’re moving out of the city that you’ve been living in for 7 years, it’s way worse. Emotions run high (I’ve cried every day this month so far) on top of the regular anxieties that come with a big move. We’ve been packing day in and day out for over a week and it seems like the amount of stuff we have is bottomless. Just as we thought we’ve finished the kitchen, another drawer turns up out of nowhere, I swear!


In between wrapping plates in bubble wrap and stacking books in boxes, I’ve been doing some serious damage in decorating the new place which is my saving grace and stress-release. I’ve been working with the amazing gals at The Havenly (I cannot recommend them highly enough) to design our bedroom and living room. I’ll do a big reveal with photos and all that once we’re settled but I wanted to share a few of the fabulous things that I’ve purchased for our Connecticut home.


I seriously can’t wait until it all comes together. . . Ok fine here’s a sneak peek.
LR final 1


Pom Pom


Pom Pom


Here in NYC, we’re in the throes of NYFW, a week where the fashionably fabulous charge the Upper West Side in stilettos and crop tops. Last September, I attended my first fashion week and wrote about the experience here. This year I paired way down because of work and because Anel and I are focusing on moving later this week. I did attend a few shows and events and will have some outfit pics to share with you soon from the tents but I thought I’d stray from the crowd and be the only fashion blogger to not share a NYFW outfit with you all today.


I’m already feeling overly emotional about our move to the ‘burbs on Friday and hanging around people who care so much about something so vain is actually painful. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all my blogger buds from out of town, spending time with my friends, getting free blow outs every day (a big thank you to Joico and Tresemme), and attending fabulous parties, I just don’t care to do that all day every day for a full week. It’s exhausting!


Instead, I’d rather traipse around with good friends and family as I say goodbye to the city in the most flattering jeans that I’ve ever owned. I’m obsessed. You’ll see me in nothing else this fall.


Pom Pom

Pom Pom

Pom Pom


Photos by Bekka Palmer.