Little Red Dress

Draper James Dress c/o / Similar Pumps / Monogram Necklace (mini size)

Happy Friday, friends! Wow, if I could only put into words the week we've had. Anel and Amalia (and eight other members of my family) came down with a horrifying stomach bug that ripped through the family in lightening speed. It's a miracle that it didn't hit me but I think it's mixture of aggressive and constant hand-washing (my fingers are cracked, ha!), lots of vitamins, and pure luck. 


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Six Months with Amalia

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I actually cannot believe that six months has passed since Amalia was born. I still feel so new to motherhood, but I suppose with every age comes new lessons and challenges so maybe it just feels that way forever. We are completely head over heals for this little girl, and I'm shocked every month to learn that I can love her more and more.

Acupuncture 101

Guys I'm so so so excited about today's post! As you know I'm a diehard acupuncture fan and attribute me getting pregnant (ok Anel helped too, here's our story) to acupuncture as well as my easy labor. I also could not have survived my pregnancy without it. I see her now on a regular basis for everything from anxiety to pain relief for my mom wrist to digestive issues.

Ruffle Sweater + Shoe Giveaway

Sorry for all the winter white jeans lately! TBH, I forgot another pair of pants during my last photo shoot so we're gonna just go with it... Also I've been in a total creative rut lately. Maybe it's the chilly temps, having a sick baby, or the fact that my insomnia is back with a vengeance but never in my history of blogging have I had trouble coming up with content like I have lately.

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How I Combat Cold and Flu Season

The flu this year is no joke. It's coming hard and fast, and tons of people are getting it even if they've had the flu shot. On top of that, I've learned very quickly that having a kid in daycare means lots of colds. It's already bad enough to have a sick baby, but to take care of her while she's sick when you're not a normally functioning human can put you in a dark dark place.