Amalia’s Favorite Christmas Books

Amalia's love for books is still going strong! We read together for literally hours each day, so needless to say I'm getting sick of the same books over and over. I thought I'd change things up for the holiday season and get her some Christmas-themed toddler-approved books for something new and exciting. These would make a great stocking stuffer for your little one of a fun gift to give to a friend with a baby or toddler.


Your Holiday Personality Quiz

When I was in middle school, my sister and I lived for the quizzes in YM and Seventeen magazines (I might be dating myself here). We used to hole up in my bedroom and circle As, Bs, and Cs to learn what kind of friend we were, what type of boy was right for our personalities, and so many more that I can't even remember.

Tartan Cape

Last week, I took a little girls trip to Rhode Island with Eva (more on that later this week) and we arrived at The Ocean House just in time for the most beautiful sunset (circa 4pm #winterinnewengland). They gave us each a glass of sparkling wine upon arrival so we brought it promptly outside for some photos.

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Holiday Decor Hacks

After Thanksgiving I'm all about turning my house into holiday central. We are never not playing Christmas music and everything feels so cheerful and festive. This year, I stepped up my holiday decor game by asking my friend Prudence, an interior designer, for some tips on how to make it a little more elevated than usual.