Life Lately: Volume 115

Happy Friday! I am starting to really feel intense emotions over my book launch which is four days from today. Next Tuesday, the world will see it and while I'm so excited to share it, it feels almost like letting your kid go out into the real world for the first time. I can't explain why I'm nervous but I just am!

Raffia Pieces I Love

I've always loved a good raffia moment and I'm so happy to see it everywhere for summer again this year. Just wrap my house in raffia please and thank you. Here are a few current favorite and you can find a TON more here!

1. Clutch

2. Belt: I bought this to wear with white jeans!

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5 Random Things: April

Greetings! Hello! I'm hangin' on by a thread over here but that thread is thick and strong. My cookbook is coming out in less than two weeks and the lead up to that makes for a very busy Julia in the best way possible. Tomorrow I'm going to share my book tour dates and look forward to meeting many of you at signings and events over the next couple of months.