The Product That Saved My Post Partum Hair

This is going to sound like a sponsored post but it’s not! I’ve just fallen hard for a product and, so far, it’s been the only one that has actually done anything to help my baby hairs. Let me explain…

When I stopped breastfeeding Amalia, I lost a lot of hair. It would come out in thick clumps whenever I showered or brushed it. It actually became so intense that I called my doctor to make sure something wasn’t really wrong with me. She said it’s totally normal with postpartum hormones, especially when you start weaning. Noted for next time!

After about half of my hair fell out (or what felt like half anyway), it started growing back in slowly but surely. It was tough at first because the tiny baby hairs would just poke straight up, but now I have a different problem because they’re curly and the rest of my hair is straight. It’s so bizarre, but after talking to other mom friends, apparently this is pretty common.

So anyway, I have this half straight half curly situation going on and it has pretty much just looked terrible unless I curl everything which I like to do sometimes but not all the time. I’ve always been more of a straight hair kind of gal so when Sarah gave me a blow out for our Nantucket shoots, she sprayed this IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Spray (Also available on Amazon) on my roots while they were still damp and gave me the first blow out in over a year where my baby hairs weren’t sticking up at crazy angles.

When I realized that by the end of a long day and even into the next morning my hair still looked sleek and structured, I immediately bought it to have at home. Since I started using it, people keep asking me if I’ve changed my part or got a hair cut but I swear I haven’t changed a thing except for using this spray! It allows me to wear my hair straight again and makes me feel like me.

Next up on my hair journey is finding a shampoo that’s great for color treated hair, but also works for oily hair. I have the oddest hair situation, I swear. You would think because I bleach it, it would be super dry all over, but the ends get dry and brittle, but my scalp and roots get oily if I use a lot of the shampoos made for blondes. Any recommendations are welcome!

Side note: I’ve found that drugstore brands work better than designer shampoo brands for me. Does this happen for anyone else or am I just using the wrong products?

Before I sign off I have to mention this outfit because I wore it out to an event last week and got so many comments and questions about it! You may remember the blazer (currently on sale) from this post and this Cami NYC tank has been a staple in my closet for over five years. It’s pricey but great quality, goes with everything, and lasts forever. And the coated leggings are super flattering and feel like athleisure! I love this outfit because of how chic and easy it is.

J.Crew Blazer / Cami NYC Tank / The White Company Leggings c/o / J.Crew Factory Flats

Photos by Julia Dags.


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