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West Elm Glass Coffee Table

Happy Monday, friends! I know it’s a holiday, but I was so excited to share pictures of my updated living room, that I’m doing an extra post this week. As you might remember, I shared photos of my formal living room shortly after we moved into our house last year. It was nice enough, but always felt very sterile and just not very homey. When Birch Lane approached me about making some updates for a blogger challenge, I couldn’t have been more excited. I had just said to Anel that I wanted to create a cozier space, but we’re on a pretty strict budget with a baby on the way, so we had tabled the idea for now.

In stepped Birch Lane, and with only a few new pieces, the space feels completely transformed. The challenge: Update a current space with $1000 in Birch Lane products. At first I was skeptical, as it can be hard to make a big dent with only $1000 when it comes to nice furniture, but I was shocked at how much I was able to order with this budget. Not only that, when products arrived, they were high-quality pieces that looked way more expensive than they were.

Before I got started, we sat in the room and talked about what we definitely wanted to add to the space: 1. A comfy but pretty rug to layer over our sisal. 2. A set of chairs to sit on the left side of the couch. The furry stools that sat there before were great, but the room always looked unbalanced. 3. Pretty lamps to warm up the space.

With that in mind, I checked out each “style” on the site: Sea-Swept Finds, Country Romance, Classic Farmhouse, Natural Elements, Fresh Botanics, Small Spaces, Statement Markers, and Color Splash. Sea-Swept Finds was the most on point with my style (shocker), so I started there but ended up getting some pieces from other styles as well, to mix and match. It worked out perfectly.

The first thing I found in Sea-Swept Finds was this set of striped chairs (Under $300 each!) that every single person who has walked into my house since, comments on and wants for their own home. They’re low to the ground, so don’t take up a lot of visual space, but make a comfy statement.

After deciding that the chairs were a must, I added this blue and white rug  to the mix. I love the pattern, and it’s super cozy on your feet. Boots loves to lay on it in the morning while I drink my tea. As we were shooting these photos, he kept jumping in to be a part of the action. You can see him posing in one of the pictures below. He’s such a ham!

The last big thing we added to the room was a set of lamps. I found this shell-encrusted table lamp for only $100 so went for two of those for symmetry. I think they’re so pretty and beachy.

Although it’s not from Birch Lane (they do have some great wall art though!), I found a local artist, Julia Contacessi, who makes the most beautiful abstract and landscape artwork. We were worried that getting this oversized print, over an original piece of art, would look cheesy and cheap but it’s so far from that. The soft colors are just gorgeous, and it really adds some depth and a new color palette to the room. I loved so much of her stuff, that it took us literally weeks to decide on this print. Check out her site if you’ve never heard of her. This girl has serious talent!

After the furniture and art was in place, we added a few small touches to finish it off: Beige throw pillows ($26), a soft throw ($40), and a blue and white vase ($32). Just like that, the room felt like new. It’s a bright and sunny space, and now it also has a bright and sunny feel to it. I love sitting here now, and sometimes bring my laptop in to work for the afternoon because it makes me so happy!

For a full list of products in the room, scroll down to the bottom of this post, and be sure to check out Randi Garrett Design tomorrow for the next updated space in this challenge. 

Birch Lane Striped Chairs c/o
Birch Lane Blue & White Rug c/o
Birch Lane Shell Lamps c/o
Birch Lane Blue & White Vase c/o
Birch Lane Beige Striped Pillows c/o
Birch Lane Throw c/o
West Elm Coffee Table
Pottery Barn Side Tables
CB2 Sheepskin Stools
Julia Contecessi Abstract Print c/o
Dash & Albert Sisal Rug
Society Social Bar Cart c/o
Society Social Sofa
West Elm Chairs (no longer available)
Caitlin Wilson Tassel Pillows
Brass Hand
Z Gallerie Mirror
Serena and Lily Curtains (no longer available)

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