My Favorite White Tees

I’m a big believer that everyone needs a solid white tee (or two) in their wardrobe. It’s like a best friend: always there when you need it and never lets you down. I’ve worn many a white tee in my day, but there are two that stand out and step up to the plate time and again. After many requests for this post, I’m finally sharing my white tee secrets…

My favorite v-neck- Lilla P: About six years ago, my dad’s wife had on the softest pink tee shirt, and I immediately bought one from the same company because I loved it so much. That company was Lilla P. I still have that shirt and recently picked up a new one, because the design has changed for the better. Their tees are made from Pima cotton from Peru and all of their clothing is made there as well. It’s pricey, I’m not going to lie, but I can tell you with certainty that their $72 shirts will last 5+ years. You’re paying for the quality here. This shirt is crazy soft and a little longer so it can be tucked or worn untucked with leggings.

Softness: A+
Cut: A
Length: A
Color: A
Price: C

My favorite crew-neck- Everlane: If that’s not in your budget, don’t fret because Everlane makes an $18 tee that I also love. It’s the perfect shorter length for high-waisted pants and shorts. If you’re not into the pocket, they make the same exact shirt without one. If it’s too short and boxy for your taste, their classic cotton crew is another winner. But the pocket box-cut tee, which comes in 13 colors btw, is my personal favorite after trying them all on. I find myself reaching for it most days with leggings, denim shorts, and these jeans.

Softness: A-
Cut: A
Length: A+
Color: A
Price: A+

And a great pair of white jeans: Speaking of jeans, I have to give a shout-out to the white jeans in these pics. My friend Lauren brought them on our Nantucket trip and I tried hers on and fell in love. So much so that I bought them online on the spot. Funny story, she loved my glasses (also pictured here) so much that she borrowed them on the trip and also bought them on the spot.

I’m super into the button-fly and the distressed ankle (shown below) of the jean. It’s hard to find white jeans that fit well and aren’t see-through. This pair from Madewell nails it on both fronts. I sized down in them for a perfectly snug fit.

What is your favorite white tee?

Lilla P Pima V-Neck / Everlane Pocket Tee / Madewell Jeans (also here) / ASHA Necklace / Sunglasses 

Lilla P Pima V-Neck / Everlane Pocket Tee / Madewell Jeans (also here) / ASHA Necklace / Sunglasses 

Photos by Julia Dags.


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