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Well hello from sunny California! I’m still here, but not by choice… Let me explain:

We were supposed to fly out this morning but Amalia got an awful stomach bug which Anel then got a few hours later. My sister followed up with it a few hours after that and I’m just praying that I don’t get it too. As I’m writing this it’s actually Sunday night so as you’re reading things may have changed. Fingers crossed that they don’t though.

This has honestly been one of the hardest days of my entire life. At one point I even remember thinking I’d rather be in labor again right now… no joke!

We were here for my grandfather’s memorial service which was a beautiful party (he wanted it to be a happy affair) packed to the brim with what looked like hundreds of people. He clearly touched a lot of lives in a meaningful way and it was so nice to see that. I’m glad that my whole extended family was able to be here to celebrate him together.

Unfortunately this morning (Sunday), Amalia woke up listless and completely out of it, covered in diarrhea (sorry TMI). We thought she was just hungry and dehydrated because she hadn’t eaten much the night before so I gave her a bottle. Halfway through she projectile vomited (exorcist style). We started giving her water in a medicine dropper as we called our pediatrician on-call back home.

She perked up after the water and based on the doctor’s recommendation, we got Pedialyte which she was able to keep down too. After about an hour, she kept down formula so we kept giving it to her in small amounts throughout the day. She kept it all down but things were not so good on the other end if you know what I mean.

At around 4pm EST I left the party early to put her down for a nap because she looked exhausted and it ended up taking two hours of her crying and falling asleep/waking up to get her down. I have so much more respect now for moms with tough sleepers, holy cow.

By the time she fell asleep it was her regular bedtime but she was so passed out I decided to let her sleep until 8pm when I tried feeding her. She wouldn’t take a bottle but took some water from a dropper and here we are now as I write this.

Throughout all of that excitement, Anel and my sister were throwing up and feverish (luckily Amalia never got a fever). They both ended up taking the Pedialyte too so I’m glad we had it. I think one of the hardest parts of the whole day is that Anel, my rock, was so out of it. We make all of our parenting decisions together so to have a sick baby and be calling all of the shots felt so scary.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens with all of them later this week!

Update at 6am PST: She took 3 oz at 10pm, 3 oz at 1am, and some water at 3am. She woke up looking like herself again thank goodness!

In way more positive news, I took these photos on some steps at my alma mater, Scripps College before all hell broke loose. My amazing friend Alex gave me this adorable shirt from her company Persifor, and I had been waiting to be somewhere warm enough to wear it! I love all of her prints this season but the “flora stem” pictured here is my favorite. It also comes in a dress and cute shorts.

I paired it with white jeans (shocker) and my new raffia slides from J.Mclaughlin for a family brunch. Side bar, J.Mclaughlin just launched their shoe line and it’s so good. The slides also come in gingham and I love these sandals for summer.

I brought my new Cuyana tote (I mentioned the reason I bought it here) on the trip and love love love it! It’s the perfect size and looks so chic even as a cross body for travel.

Persifor Shirt c/o / Cuyana Tote / J.Brand Jeans / J.Mclaughlin Slides c/o / Karen Walker Sunnies

Persifor Shirt c/o / Cuyana Tote / J.Brand Jeans / J.Mclaughlin Slides c/o / Karen Walker Sunnies


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  1. Jess said:

    So sorry poor Amalia (and you!) had such a hard time!! I hope she feels better- and I love the bright & cheerful outfit!

    xo Jess

    2.5.18 · Reply
  2. Kelly Golightly said:

    Oh no, so sorry you all went through that! I know what you mean about the hubby being your rock and how it’s tough to make decisions when he can’t do that with you. The worst time for me was when my hubby was in the ER and I was the one in the driver’s seat.

    Hope everyone is feeling better xo.

    p.s. You looks great in that Persifor top!

    2.5.18 · Reply
  3. Allie said:

    What a weekend – I hope your family feels better soon, I’ll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers! xAllie

    2.5.18 · Reply
  4. Britta said:

    Oh no, what a weekend to be sick and away from comforts of home. Sorry to hear and hope everyone feels better soon.

    2.5.18 · Reply
  5. Katie said:

    This top looks so good on you, Julia- makes me so excited for spring and warm weather clothing!


    2.5.18 · Reply
  6. Kendria said:

    $148 for a single top? It’s super cute, but no can do.

    2.6.18 · Reply