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Well we officially survived our first road trip with the baby this weekend and it went so much better than we ever could have anticipated. While she didn’t sleep all that much in the car, she didn’t mind being there at all and was super chill. I was more of a mess than her because I was worried about her missing her naps… but it turned out just fine. I feel so much more confident traveling with her now. We just had to rip the band-aid.

To those of you who suggested bringing a plastic bag (and extra set of clothes) in the car for blow outs, I thank you profusely. She had a big one on the way down and another on the way back! Having an outfit change and a place to put her dirty clothes was clutch.

In other firsts, we left Amalia with a babysitter for the first time when we went out on Saturday night. We knew her because she had babysat for Jackson when he was little and she works at a daycare with infants so we totally trusted her. That being said, I definitely cried when we handed her over, and freaked out for the first hour of the party. Finally, once she texted us that the baby was sleeping soundly, I relaxed. Another band-aid ripped!

Band-aids aside, the most exciting part of the weekend was that my sister flew home from San Francisco to surprise us all for the party (my dad was in on it). Her move to the west coast has been tough on me, so I was especially happy to see her.

On to this outfit though…

I mentioned this sweater blazer last week, and it finally arrived! I am big on blazers but often find them to be too boxy or boyish on my already wide-ish shoulders. Because this one is made from sweater-like fabric, it is as comfortable as it is flattering. And it’s only $58 which is a great price for something that I’m bound to wear over and over again this fall. It also comes in camel, burgundy and navy and I’m literally considering buying all of them.

You guys are always asking me who makes my favorite bags and my answer is pretty much always Cuyana. I wear their tote almost every single day, so when they sent over their new hobo bag a few weeks ago, I was psyched. It’s the perfect size to hold all of my essentials including a water bottle. Not to mention, it perfectly matched my blush pink loafers which are somehow only $53.

All in all, I love this simple look because A) It actually fits me (these legging pants are super stretchy, great for you post-partum mamas!), B) it’s insanely comfy, and C) it looks pretty good too!

Sweater Blazer / Legging Pants / Striped Peplum Top ($35) / Cuyana Hobo Bag c/o / Loafers / Necklace (size 3XL)

J.Crew Sweater Blazer

Cuyana Hobo Bag

Large Monogram Necklace

Sweater Blazer / Legging Pants / Striped Peplum Top ($35) / Cuyana Hobo Bag c/o / Loafers / Necklace (size 3XL)

Photos by Carter Fish.


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