Tickled Pink

I’ve been having a major case of wanderlust lately. Maybe it’s the fact that seemingly everyone on Instagram is in Cabo or Turks & Caicos, or the fact that it’s already been a long winter and we have so much more to go. By this time each year, Anel and I have usually solidified a tropical vacation for February. With his new business, it’s been hard to find a time for us to go away together, but we’re trying to plan something now!

Until then, I’ve been going for walks on the beach almost daily, to get my fix of ocean. Granted I have to throw on more than just a bikini and cover up, but something about being by the ocean cures my need to travel. It also cures a lot of other things for me. As a Cancer, I’m a water sign, so pretty sure I was meant to live by the sea. A girl can dream!

I’ve been trying to wear brighter colors too, in hopes that it puts me in a more tropical mood. I got this pink sweater a while back, but it’s finally back in stock (though selling out quickly). You can’t tell how bright and vibrant it is from the photos, but it’s one of those pieces that garners compliments everywhere you go. The buttons at the shoulder have cute little anchors on them, for a sweet added touch (detail shot below). Oh, and the best part? It’s currently on sale!

Speaking of sale, I just realized that the pink pants I added to make this a monochromatic look are also marked down today. They come in nine colors, and I love them for workwear. If I still worked in an office, I’d pick them up in navy and black to wear with heels and oxfords or button-downs. I used to be obsessed with J.Crew’s Minnie pants, but this version, The Martie, is even better. They have a nicer shape, and look more professional (maybe not in the pink, ha!).

As you might have seen in last week’s January Wish List post, I’ve had my eye on this leopard clutchΒ for the longest time. It finally arrived, and now I’m wearing it with everything! Even all pink with red shoes… naturally.

On a far more serious note, growing up, my dad always played this song on MLK Day and I take a few minutes every year to sit still and listen to it, emotions high, and hope soaring. Despite the state of the world right now, when I listened to it first thing this morning, it brought me hope and happiness, two feelings that we should all strive for today as we celebrate a great man with an incredible dream. Although it has yet to be fully realized everywhere in the world… and everywhere in this country for that matter… I hope that in our lifetime, his dream becomes a reality everywhere.

“Oh, Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King and recognize that there are ties between us. All men and women living on the Earth, ties of hope and love, sister and brotherhood.”

J.Crew Pink Sweater (back in stock) / Floral Popover / Pink Pants (on sale!) / Tuckernuck Leopard ClutchΒ c/o / M.Gemi Fortuna Flats

J.Crew Martie Pants

J.Crew Pink Sweater

Lemon Stripes wearing pink

J.Crew Pink Sweater (back in stock) / Floral Popover / Pink Pants (on sale!) / Tuckernuck Leopard Clutch / M.Gemi Fortuna Flats

Photos by Stephanie Elliott Photography.


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  1. splash of preppy said:

    Stunning look on you! You look gorgeous in pink.
    xo elle // https://splashofpreppy.com

    1.16.17 · Reply
  2. Anonymous said:

    What to you think of the quality of the sweater? It didn’t get very good reviews online and people said it was bright highlighter pink instead of soft pink. Did you lighten the coloring of the sweater with a photo editing tool? The arm in the first photo is a brighter pink color – not sure if that is a shadow or what.

    I think the outfit is cute but I think it is more of a spring outfit (unless you live in Florida). No socks and bare ankles in January, when it is 30 degrees out, is not very realistic and looks odd. Darker pants and an ankle bootie (with socks!) would probably be more seasonally appropriate and comfortable. Just a thought.

    1.16.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      I’ve only worn it twice, but so far the quality is great. It definitely is neon pink, which never comes out in photos. You have to like bright colors to like this one! I didn’t lighten the pictures at all, that color pink just shows up funky for some reason. And it looks really different in shadows vs in the sun!

      It was 60 degrees the day we took these pics, hence the flats and bare ankles. It felt like spring so I dressed like spring πŸ™‚ Hoping that weather comes back again soon!

      1.16.17 · Reply
  3. Julie said:

    Hi Julia, I am like you I do like a pop of colours in winter when everyone wears black and brown but a whole pink outfit is pretty dary in winter. I think I would have worn jeans to go with this sweater at this time of the year. However I love how you matched the pretty shirt with your bright sweater, I like more that type of combo. Pink is really a fun colour and it suits you really well. Hugs from London, Julie x


    1.16.17 · Reply
  4. Diana Pearl said:

    I love all this pink! I used to love my Minnie pants too (still have a couple of pairs!) so I’ll definitely have to check out the Martie. And I’d totally wear the pink pair to work, hahah, but my office is very casual. And I agree, remembering MLK + celebrating his life is welcome antidote to everything going on in the world right now.

    x Diana // http://www.dianapearl.com

    1.16.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      My Minnie’s are all ruined at this point. I was so sad until I found the Martie’s. You’ll love them!

      1.16.17 · Reply
  5. valliere said:

    Love Love this outfit !!! Was this taken at Tod’s Point?

    1.16.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      It was! Good eye πŸ™‚

      1.16.17 · Reply
  6. Samantha Tananbaum said:

    Totally with you on the wanderlust! The city has been pretty bleak, even though it’s been a mild winter, and I’m totally having ocean withdrawal. Fortunately, we anticipated that happening and planned a vacation for this month. Leaving in a week and literally can’t wait. Hope you and Anel get something on the calendar!


    1.16.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      So exciting!!! I hope you’re going someplace warm and fabulous!

      1.17.17 · Reply
  7. Sarah-Briley said:

    YOUR HAIR!!!

    Love, love, love the straight hair look on you- it seems to be the perfect length and suits you so well. Just flawless (and making me want to chop mine off again, oops).

    – Sarah-Briley

    1.16.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Thank you so much! I had just had it highlighted and blown out right before I took these photos… I don’t think it usually looks so good, ha! I’m actually thinking of growing mine out again. I guess the grass is always greener πŸ™‚

      1.17.17 · Reply
  8. Hannah said:

    Giiiiiirrrlll, this color on you is SO GOOD. I live in Seattle, and I am very into dressing brightly on grey days–it makes my mood instantly better. Are my coworkers sometimes blinded by my outfits? Maybe. But overall, I think they like it! πŸ˜‰

    xx Hannah // http://www.HomemadeBanana.com

    1.16.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      I’m sure it makes their day! Keep on doing it, girl πŸ™‚

      1.17.17 · Reply
  9. Maggie said:

    This is just too cute!! I love the button details on the sweater!


    1.16.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      That’s my favorite part! They’re too cute πŸ™‚

      1.17.17 · Reply
  10. Kalina Popova said:

    Such a cute look, Julia! Love how you layered the sweater!

    Kalina | Simply Semisweet

    1.16.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Thanks Kalina!

      1.17.17 · Reply
  11. Dana Mannarino said:

    This look is SO fun and so refreshing for winter!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    1.17.17 · Reply
  12. Jordana @WhiteCabana said:

    I absolutely love this outfit – and I’m not even one who is drawn to dramatic colours!

    1.19.17 · Reply
  13. Alyssa Thomas said:

    I always turn to pink when the holidays leave and January arrives. It just brightens up my mood!

    1.20.17 · Reply
  14. Daisy said:

    you look so lovely in pink.

    I am also a big fan of that James Taylor song, and played it when I woke up on Monday.

    1.20.17 · Reply