Push Present

Push Present

Before I had a baby, I always thought push presents were a little crazy. Isn’t the baby supposed to be the gift?! But when Anel told me that he wanted to gift me something to show how much he appreciated me for everything we went through followed by a difficult pregnancy, I started to see it differently.

Obviously Amalia is the real gift here, but the fact that he wanted me to feel special outside of just being a mommy, and wanted to honor that with a gift was really touching. And honestly, what woman will say no to a beautiful piece of jewelry? Ha!

I knew that I wanted another ring to add to my stack, and after doing a project with the jewelry brand A.Jaffe last year (seen here) and falling in love with their diamond bands, I told him to look at their stackable rings first. Not only are they beautiful and dainty, but they’re all hypo-allergenic which I love because my fingers get irritated easily for some reason.

The only thing I told him was that I wanted it to be yellow gold because I love mixing metals and my engagement and wedding rings are both platinum. Beyond that, it was up to him. I wanted to be surprised!

When he chose this ring for me, I was shocked. I had pictured a thin, simple band of small diamonds, and this one was more over the top than I expected. I’m so so happy with it and stare down at my hand constantly because I love it so much. Not only is it beautiful, but it represents us overcoming a difficult time, growing together as a couple, and creating the beautiful life of our daughter.

Ring / Ring BoxesMonogram Necklace / Sweater / Cami / Jeans / Wine Glass

Photos by Courtney Ann Photography.

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