The New Graphic Tee


I remember when the most exciting part of my day was coming home and finding a Delia’s catalog in the mailbox featuring all sorts of good ole’ 90’s wear. Included in that bundle of grungy joy was a plethora of graphic tees that I drooled over every month. I’m not quite sure when these came back in style but the new round of graphic tees featuring cheeky prints make me feel nostalgic for the Delia’s days.

I definitely want the Wildfox “Totally for Sure” tee from their Clueless collection. I mean duh! What other sassy graphic tees have you come across lately?

1. Wildfox Totally For Sure Tee
2. Zoe Karssen Ooh Chic Tee
3. Zoe Karssen Live Fast Tee
4. Cheap Monday Easy Tee
5. Maison Scotch Lunettes Tee
6. Sundry Rise and Shine Tee

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  1. Gina said:

    I love graphic t’s! I loved them in Delia’s and I still love them today! The Like Totally shirt is my favorite on your list! Great post.!

    2.19.13 · Reply
  2. Rebecca Marin said:

    I’ve always been so hesitant to wear graphic tees because of the wave my bust usually makes, but these are so cute!!


    2.19.13 · Reply
  3. Julie said:

    Love these picks, Julia! I’m also kind of obsessed with the Konrath von Reumont pieces –

    2.19.13 · Reply
  4. stylecurated said:

    I love it–How FUN! Can’t wait til summer to test out #1. In the mean time, I’m going bold… and trying a statement tee on top of a skirt like #2!

    2.20.13 · Reply
    • nice! share the photos, i cant wait to see 🙂

      2.20.13 · Reply