This Fall in Outfits

What I learned from putting together this post is that I have a lot of clothes in a lot of colors! Looking through the outfits that I have posted this fall, I see a lot of repeat offenders like silk blouses and blazers, my wardrobe staples. I also noticed that I can take one piece, like my multi-strand pearl necklace or my classic black boots, and wear them in multiple styles. Even though I own a lot of clothes, I keep my shoe and jewelry collection relatively minimal which leads to more creativity.

And yes I like to actually smile in my photos. I know that it’s much cooler to look with sultry eyes and a frown into the camera, but that’s just not me! And I certainly had a lot to smile about as a newlywed this fall.

Out of all the looks below, which one is your favorite and why?

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  1. Emrys said:

    That striped dress and clutch! Favorite, hands down. So bold. So fun. So flattering on you! 🙂

    11.21.12 · Reply
  2. Taylor said:

    What brand are your black boots? I love them!

    12.7.12 · Reply
  3. spits said:

    I am glad you smile. All those sultry eyes and frowns look either depressing or like they are trying too hard!

    9.22.13 · Reply