Healthy 2013: February Recap


February came and went in a blur and I’m happy to report that my Healthy 2013 plan is still in full force and still not slowing down anytime soon. My February goal was to practice self-love by treating myself all month long. I had an appointment each week. A session with my Acupuncturist to calm my nerves, a facial with my esthetician Bonnie to brighten my face, a deep tissue massage to work out my knots, and a call with my Health and Business coach to get my life in order. It felt good to treat myself to services that made me feel healthy and beautiful.

It was also nice to have something to look forward to each week that didn’t involve work or errands. It’s amazing how one nice treatment each week can change your outlook on what’s ahead. Mind you, this isn’t financially sustainable for most (me included) so after this month of self-love I’m moving to the same appointments but fewer and farther between each one.

What’s in store for March? Here is the plan: Meditate for 10 minutes every single day this month. I can do it at any time of day as long as I do it. I’m super excited about this because I’ve always wanted to spend time meditating but have never motivated myself to do it. Now that it’s in writing and on my to do list every day, it will actually happen! I plan to do this first thing every morning but wel’l see how it actually shakes out.

Let me know if you have any meditation tips. I’d love any support possible on this one.

It’s not too late to join along with me in my Healthy 2013 plan. You can see all of the details here.

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  1. KarenOFD said:

    oooh yes! let’s meditate! definitely check out sometime Kadam Morten is the best teacher ever

    3.1.13 · Reply
  2. adele engel said:

    I have had incredible success with a program called Holosync which I have been using for 5 years. We will be focusing on meditation at the Retreat I mentioned to you in Costa Rica in April. I feel, as you obviously do, that the key to a happy and healthy life is based on a quiet and focused mind, nutrition of the highest quality, exercise and fashion fun!!! Hey – look for a great yoga clothing line and I will promote it everywhere I can.

    3.1.13 · Reply
  3. Julie A. Diaz said:

    Hi Julia! Best of luck with your new venture! I’m an IIN grad and enjoyed seeing you present at the conferences. There are lots of hay house authors that have great meditations, like Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, and Denise Linn. It’s fun to use the ipad and try different meditation sounds or music… online for free before buying anything. you can also breathe in some nice essential oils like patcholi, lavender, frankinsense…whatever you like that is calming. I’m going to try to commit to doing it with you. 30 days! let’s do it!

    3.1.13 · Reply
  4. Paul Bowman said:

    Are you kidding me Julia…no one can fill your shoes! But we haven’t lost you…we have gained Blair! So I want to welcome you to your new field endeavors and am going to pray for you consistently!

    3.1.13 · Reply