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I recently read Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and was inspired by her organized approach at creating a happier life for herself by having one aspect of her life to focus on and improve each month of the year. Although I’m a Health Coach and lead an almost insanely healthy lifestyle by normal American standards, I want to improve my health, lower my stress and anxiety, and feel better in my body in 2013. To do that, I created my own happiness project: A Healthy and Happy 2013.

By putting it out there in writing here on Lemon Stripes, I figure that I’ll hold myself more accountable to actually do what I have planned for myself for the year.

Below is a brief description of how I’ll spend the year working towards a healthier and happier year. I’ll check monthly with updates on my progress. Wish me luck!

Cross things off my to do lists that I’ve been putting off. For example, I will schedule appointments at the dentist and dermatologist, buy a new lap top, and organize our stuff in storage. Here is the recap.

Practice self-care by treating myself with lots of luxurious love. Each week I’ll schedule one of the following: a facial, a call with my Health Coach, a massage, and an acupuncture session. Talk about blissed out! Here is the recap.

Meditate for 10 minutes every single day this month. I can do it at any time of day as long as I do it.

See more of my friends! I find that I spend most of my time at work, with my husband or sister, or blogging. I didn’t make enough time for friends in 2012. This month, I have to spend QT with a different friend every week.

In May, I will cut out sugar and alcohol to detoxify my liver and immune systems. I’ll have to find another beverage besides red wine to calm my nerves after long days. Perhaps chamomille tea will do the trick!

Yoga, yoga, yoga. I always feel so good after a good yoga class, but I never have enough time to take them because they usually last 90 minutes which is like an eternity in my world. In June, I’ll take at least one yoga class a week. Ohm!

I’m going to focus on letting things go. When I get into an argument with my husband or get upset at work, I’ll take a step back, inhale, exhale, and stop holding grudges.

In the summer, I feel even more of an urge to get my blood pumping. And I’m always on the lookout for new ways to do so. This month, I’m going to take a different workout class each week to see if I can find a new favorite. Some spinning, kickboxing, and bootcamp are definitely in order!

I drink a lot of green juice but in September I want to commit to drinking one green juice/day to alkalize my body and get a ton of vitamins with my favorite healthy treat.

A lot of my anxiety stems from over thinking issues that come up during my day. When I write them down, I spend less time in my head, and more time in the present. I’m going to journal at least 5x/week in October. Dear Diary…

I spend a lot of time doing things for myself and my loved ones. This November, I want to spend more time giving to those in need where I can make a difference. I’m going to find a way to volunteer my time at least twice in November.

Whew, it’s going to be an exciting year. During the holiday season, my goal is going to be to enjoy life. To stop and smell the roses, appreciate what I have, and reflect on the last 11 months.

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  1. Julie said:

    I love this approach, Julia!! Can’t wait to keep up with your progress and updates!

    1.2.13 · Reply
  2. Alissa said:

    I am also going this route thanks to The Happiness Project. I need to organize mine a little bit more, your’s inspired me! Love the graphics too!

    1.2.13 · Reply
  3. LizAnd Gia said:

    LOVE the way you did this. Such a great and literally healthy approach!

    1.3.13 · Reply
  4. Kate said:

    I read Gretchen Rubin’s book too and that’s actually what inspired me to make a blog! Sort of in line with your December post, I’m using the blog as an excuse to capture the little (or big) bits of happiness that surround me every day and share it! Not to throw it in anybody else’s face, but to throw it in my own. Plus its such a huge sense of accomplishment putting something like that out into the world! Totally loving your blog and everything its about!


    2.10.13 · Reply
  5. Maiah said:

    Completely adore this post and plan to partake in a few of your monthly challenges/create a few for myself!

    3.2.13 · Reply