Healthy 2013: March Recap


Sorry for the delay on this March recap. If you remember, I’m on a mission to have the healthiest year ever! You can read my entire plan here but it consists of doing one thing constantly each month to make my life happier and healthier.

In March, I committed to a 10 minute meditation every day. I have had a weird history with meditation in that I’ve tried it many times and always failed. I can’t seem to get my mind to shut off, let alone slow down even a little bit. So I did things differently this time. Before bed every night, I did the practice below. What’s on the docket for April? Spending more time with friends in the city and calling those that live out of town.

The Modern Girl’s Meditation:
1. Close your eyes, lay down or sit comfortably

2. Minutes 1-2: Focus on your breath. Breathe in for 4 counts through your nose and out for 8 counts through your mouth. Repeat.

3. Minutes 3-5: Think about what you are grateful for today. It can be anything from your health, a bed to sleep in, a wonderful meal that you had, a friend or family member, to being able to afford food.

4. Minutes 6-8: Manifest your future. Imagine your perfect future. For me that looked like running a successful business, being happily married with children, living in a house outside of NYC, and more. Get detailed here! What are you wearing? Where are you working? What does your house look like?

5. Minutes 9-10: Repeat the breath exercise from the beginning.

I know this isn’t a traditional meditation but it was great for me and made me feel happier and calmer each night. It also helped me to wake up with a better outlook on life. I highly recommend trying it out!

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  1. Rebecca said:

    I love it! This seems doable and I can’t wait to try. Like you I tried but can’t seem to get into a regular meditative practice (unless I’m in the yoga room!) Silly question- how did you time yourself while still trying to stay “in it”?

    4.12.13 · Reply
  2. Sandra Chikhani said:

    Hi Julia…I like Lemon Stripes SO MUCH!!!!
    I wait for your posts with enthusiasm, love your ideas and the easiness you present solutions to everyday life!!!

    4.14.13 · Reply