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According to my husband, I have issues. I get obsessive about decorating our space and then 6 months to a year later, I want to do it all over again. He’s probably right but it’s my thing and I can’t help it! We were planning to move downtown to a bigger space in April but after many talks over the holidays, we decided to stay uptown in our current apartment and start saving some real money to leave the city and buy a house in the next couple of years.

I was really excited about a move and kind of bummed over the thought of living uptown for another year but we agreed that if we stay, we’ll make some improvements to our space to make it feel more comfortable and homey.

Step 1 was to call our management company and have them come up and make minor repairs around the apartment like a small crack on bedroom wall, peeling paint on our radiator, and a chip in the enamel on our bathtub. These small imperfections drive me absolutely insane so this step alone have made me a much happier camper.

Step 2 was to clean out clutter. My husband and I went through every drawer, cabinet, and closet and got rid of as much clutter and junk as we could. We gave away what we didn’t want anymore and moved the rest to our “storage space” at his parents house in Queens. It’s amazing what this activity can do for your general well-being. The whole place feels cleaner and lighter now.

Step 3 was to hire a deep cleaning service. I discovered Wizard of Homes via New York Magazine and they’re coming over next week to deep clean my oven, fridge, bathtub, and kitchen, plus all of my windows, walls, floors and surfaces. I actually can’t wait. This is an OCD girl’s dream.

Step 4 is to make some decor changes. We’re changing up our living room rug, get new curtains for all of our windows, and maybe even buy a piece of art that makes the whole house pop. I’m working on this step now and gaining so much inspiration from Pinterest, creating a special board for Home Decor.

Step 5: Hire your BBFF (blogger best friend forevs) with a degree in interior design to take over. Last night at dinner, my amazingly stylish friend, Kat, agreed to help me with the place. Check out her apartment featured on The Glitter Guide. Swoon!

Below are some of my apartment inspirations at the moment. If you love any decor/interior sites, please share them below. I’m on a serious mission here, people!










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  1. Just reading your well-thought-out, step-by-step post alone gave me a sense of accomplishment, not to even mention the inspiring images! The gallery wall, the bar cart, the mixture of colors and texture – it’s all sheer perfection! A home makeover is such an exciting, never-ending project! Speaking of updating the decor, I’m hosting a wall art giveaway on the blog for custom designed poster print! XOXO


    1.8.14 · Reply
  2. Jen said:

    You have inspired me to get my apartment in order! Thankfully, my boyfriend and I will be moving to a new place in March, we are simply way too cramped right now. Just followed your pinterest board for inspiration 🙂

    I always like looking at the copy cat chic for inspiration as well, you should check out her blog.



    1.8.14 · Reply
  3. Emma Katherine said:

    I’m the same way as you, in that I like to put so much energy into decorating my space, only to want to do it all over again in a couple months time; I’m never satisfied with how my living space looks! I really like your steps to make your home more comfortable. De-cluttering and a deep clean are key for me to be able to focus in my space!

    1.8.14 · Reply
  4. Tiffany Elam said:

    Oooh, these are great inspo. I’m planning to do a little redecorating myself!

    1.8.14 · Reply
  5. FatFreeFashion said:

    I do the same thing with our place! I love creating DIYs, reinventing the space, moving furniture around- it’s too much fun!
    Check out thedesignfiles.net for inspo.

    1.8.14 · Reply
    • I wish I had the DIY gene but it’s just not in me! So sad…

      1.9.14 · Reply