In 2nd grade, my teacher, Mrs. Metcalf, assigned us a project called “Children as Teachers” where my classmates and I each got 20 minutes to teach about the topic of our choice. Being the color-lover that I am, of course I chose to teach my fellow 7 year old friends all about rainbows! I will never forget the mnemonic “ROY-G-BIV”. I still love rainbows and anything rainbow-themed to this day. My bookshelf is organized in rainbow order (more photos of that to come very soon!). Here are some rainbow inspirations that can also be found on my ColorLove pinboard on Pinterest.

I thought that this post would be perfect for this week given that New York State FINALLY passed the bill stating that gay couples can marry. Equality and rainbows for everyone!

{inspiration for my shelves (one day!) via}

{rainbow cake via}

{rainbow crudites via}

{rainbow flower arrangements via}

{rainbow wedding party via}

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  1. Lindsay said:

    Awesome (and very beautiful) post! I love when I see pictures of that rainbow cake!

    6.30.11 · Reply