Life Lately: Volume 45

It was another dark and heavy week in the world. I read a quote by Amanda Gorman online this week that helped my own personal mental state, “Continue hoping/living/loving/trying. The most human thing we can do at any given time is dare to believe beyond disaster.”

Again, please consider donating to the International Red Cross or Save the Children to help aid families in Ukraine. Anel always talks about how when he was living in a warzone as a child, the best part of the month was when the Red Cross would come and deliver food and clothes. Even if you can’t give much, every dollar means a lot to the kids on the receiving end.

On a lighter note, I have some fun this week with reels, creating this one featuring six dresses I can’t wait to wear this spring and this one for a little laugh. I also had a very productive week and that felt really good.

Pictured above: Lilly Pulitzer Shirt Dress / Golden Goose Sneakers


High: Anel and I signed a contract for a really big home project that we’ve been wanting to do since we moved in. We will be starting on it in the next few months and I will of course be documenting everything here and on the ‘gram.

Low: Like a lot of you, I’m sure, the general feeling of dread and despair at the state of the world is weighing heavy. I am trying to stay positive and upbeat for my kids and myself but it gets harder and harder every day.


The trippiest optical illusion: I hate/love my sister for sending me this because I cannot figure out how it works but I’m totally mesmerized. You’re welcome slash sorry.

The man behind Humans of New York: I’ve been following HoNY for years but lately they have really stepped up their game by sharing incredible stories about fascinating humans and raising money in support of those humans. It was nice to read about Brandon, the man behind those stories.

Gardener Sweatshirt, $69.50: You know that feeling when you get a new sweatshirt and it’s all you want to wear? That was me with this one for the last few days.

The internet’s response to Ukraine… has been cringeworthy, to say the least.

Getting rid of things while spring cleaning?  The New Yorker shared an in-depth guide on how and where to get rid of almost anything.

White Top, $160: I’m about 10 years and 2 babies too old to wear this but I kind of want to go for it anyway. I’d love to pair it with a giant floral maxi skirt.

Normalizing sensitive traits in young boys: As a new boy mom, I appreciate this sentiment more than ever.

My favorite blue dress… from last year is back in stock!

What to do when bringing a puppy home: I get asked for puppy tips fairly often and Jess’s post covers most of what we did with Bootsie as well. She is a great dog mom with great advice.

The cutest little boy shorts: My friend Carly posted about these sweet Shop Cadets baby boy shorts the other day and I ordered Luca a pair immediately. They are all so sweet.

Follow me on LTK: I’m trying to focus more on that platform so give me a follow if you’re interested in shopping for the things I love.

The sweetest decor website: I’ve ever seen. I’ll take all of the bunnies, please!

Grasscloth peel & stick wallpaper: My friend Roxy of Society Social just launched a beautiful new product: luxe faux grasscloth wallpaper that looks like the real deal. We are definitely going to use one of the gorgeous colorways for either our laundry room or guest room.

Local shop guide: A local student made this very cool guide for shopping some of my favorite stores in Fairfield County… online!


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Photo by Julia Dags.