Life Lately: Volume 62

Today is an emotional one in my house. It’s Amalia’s last day of school at the preschool she’s been at since she was two. It has been the most wonderful place for our family and I’ve already cried 3x this week knowing that her time there is over. I give the teachers and the director a lot of credit for helping to build her confidence and come out of her shell.

I have made some life-long friends and I know Amalia will be close with at least one or two good pals as they all move on to different elementary schools.

Thank goodness we still have four more years  there for Lukey or I’d really be a hot mess… although I’m not mad at the fact that we only have one daycare tuition now.

As of tomorrow we are all on vacation for two weeks. We’re heading to Martha’s Vineyard this weekend, coming back for a day next weekend then turning around and spending a week on the Jersey Shore. I am feeling very excited to unplug a little bit and spend some QT with Anel, my kids, my sister and her family, and my parents.

I’ll be mostly on Instagram during this time so you won’t hear from me here.

Before I sign off, I wanted to remind you that today is the last day of the Chappywrap warehouse sale with all of their blankets site-wide up to 40% off! I just heard from the team there that the two Lemon Stripes blankets remaining are close to selling out and once they’re gone, this collection is officially over. Fingers crossed that we do another collab in the future but the Hanover and the Westport will be no more. It’s bittersweet to see them go. It’s been such a fun run with this project.

Enjoy the end of your summers and I’ll be back in a few weeks!

Pictured above: Dress / Sofa


Those hot girl walks (or in my case, sweaty dog walks) help your brain and body more than you think!

The Millennial pause. Are you guilty of it? I didn’t even know this was a thing but I definitely do it. Who knew?

I’m eyeing this dress to pair with tall brown boots in the fall.

The 10 coziest movies to watch this fall. On it.

A list of the best new hotels in the world. I’d be good visiting any and every single one of these swoon-worthy spots.

Our favorite meat delivery service is offering free bacon for life! We love their ribeyes, chicken breasts, burgers, and salmon. I partnered with them for IG a while back but we’ve stayed on as loyal customers because the meat is that good.

Inside the big biz of sponsored weddings. I am forever grateful that I got married before Instagram become popular!

My favorite sweatshirt from last year is on sale and comes in black.

31 recipes to make in August.

If you hate meal planning, maybe a capsule pantry is for you.

The jeans I really want to pull off but not sure if I can. I just bought them to test so we shall see.

Facebook surveillance in a post-Roe America. This story scares the living sh*t out of me.

Two TV recs on Hulu: The Bear (love you Carmy!) and The Old Man. Highly recommend both even though they couldn’t be more different from each other.

Some cute sunnies that I bought locally last week but found online too. I love the color and the shape!

When your body is your brand.For women whose work is connected to their physical self, the concept of wellness is super complicated.

The colors that will rule interiors in 2023… according to Sherwin Williams.

A nautical home collab between Kule (one of my favorites!) and West Elm. I want this happy little bath mat for the kids’ bathroom.


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Photo by Julia Dags.