Life Lately: Volume 51

I had a very emotional week and feel absolutely drained as it comes to a close. We have a few fun plans this weekend and my goals are to give each of my kids some extended and fun one-on-one time over the next two days and to get myself back on track.

One thing I did this week that made a big difference in my evenings was to work out for 20 minutes between my work day and when the kiddos came home. IDK why I’ve never thought to do this before but it was such a nice reset to take my mind out of work mode and into mom mode. I found myself more relaxed and way less stressed during dinner, baths, and bedtime. Highly recommend if it’s possible with your schedule.

Pictured above: Dress / Wallpaper


High: On Tuesday I took a few hours off to enjoy a lunch out with two friends and it gave me an energy and creativity boost I needed. I continued it by working from Grace Farms yesterday and was insanely productive and felt so accomplished and happy at the end of my workday. Apparently, I need to get out of the house more often!

Low: I was dealing with some personal things and had a really really awful and scary panic attack the other night. It completely drained me physically that night and for the next two days but today I’m starting to feel normal again. Everything is fine and I’m fine now but it really freaked me out.


Epiphany in the baby food aisle: Every mother should read this article. It brought me to tears.

How we lost our sensory connection with food. And how to restore it.

My favorite half-zip sweatshirt is back in stock! They don’t have the bright pink one I have but it comes in 5 other cute and springy colors.

Can Heather Dubrow save RHOC? This one is for my Bravo fans. Sadly, I think the answer is no. This season was garbage IMO.

Cailini Coastal sale: One of my favorite home decor shops is having a friends and family sale right now. Everything is 20% off with the code FRIENDS20.

Feel-good hobbies to take up as an adult.

Breaking up with Peleton: Fans of the cult-favorite stationary bike are over working out at home.

A very pretty spring dress. I need more blue dresses like I need a hole in my head. The restraint of me not buying this is a thing of beauty. Please someone else get it and enjoy it for me.

13 things to do in Newport, RI with kids. A great list by my friend Jess for one of my favorite places to visit.

I am very interested to try Liz’s fried ravioli recipe. It looks pretty magical.

Blockprint bucket hat: I have yet to embrace the bucket hat trend but this is one I can get behind.

Salad Freak: I’ve heard a few friends and influencers rave about this cookbook. I just bought it and look forward to trying some of Jess’s recipes.

Video meetings = less brainstorming. A new study found that Zoom and other digital meetings dampen brainstorming. Why? Because people spend much of their attention staring at themselves on the screen rather than letting their eyes and minds wander. Not surprising at all.

A super cool shell necklace. It’s equal parts weird and amazing and I want it on my neck right now.


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Photo by Julia Dags.