Life Lately: Volume 27

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I haven’t posted a life update for the last two weeks, but a lot has been going on around here. Finally last week I started feeling physically good for the first time since November… literally! I’ve been sleeping through the night (for the most part), I have a ton of energy, and my fun pregnancy vomiting situation has seemingly dissipated. Maybe it’s just the baby’s new position as she drops, or my body is prepping for nesting, but it feels so good to finally feel human.

I’m taking advantage of my newfound energy by saying yes to as many things as possible, spending more time than usual with friends, and making sure to soak up as much summer and sunshine as I can. At home, we’ve been organizing like crazy and the house finally feels truly baby-ready. The bassinet is all set up, diapers are locked and loaded, and the blackout shades are finally up. Al the pesky little things that I had been avoiding are checked off my list and I feel a big weight off my shoulders.

Every few days I get Braxton Hicks contractions, but so far they’ve been nothing more than that. At 37.5 weeks, anything is possible though! It’s both exciting and terrifying that I could go into labor at any minute. My current plan is to walk as much as possible every single day to keep things moving in the right direction (also prepping with these steps). Hiking in the woods with Boots is getting harder each day, but we try to stick with it twice a week because I want to keep my stamina up.

Some other exciting news is that I hired an assistant, finally! My friends who run businesses and have kids kept pushing me to do this before the baby comes and an amazing gal who I’ve worked with in other capacities for two years, just fell into my lap. We’re starting with just a few hours a week because she has a full time job, which is perfect because that’s all I need and that’s all the work she wants. We started this week and I’m so excited to have a little help on time consuming tasks that I might not be able to do once I’m busy breastfeeding 24/7.

For the holiday weekend, we’re staying in town for some BBQs, plans with friends, and a date night, but are pretty much taking it easy. Despite my newfound energy, my doctor says it’s important that I get rest as well. Twist my arm!

I’ll be taking Monday and Tuesday of next week off for the holiday, but I’ll be back in business next Wednesday, July 5th. In the meantime, I hope you all have an incredible 4th of July and enjoy the fireworks from wherever you are.

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Around the Web

The birth of a mother. I loved reading this article, and found it at just the right time.

Weird things couples do with their dogs. Well this video pretty much sums up my life.

Wait, is that a tube top? Yes I’m linking to a tube top but this one is seersucker and flowy and SO CUTE I can’t even handle it! It also comes in a dress version that would be perfect for a summer wedding with these drop earrings.

Great summer playlist. Victoria makes the best playlists ever. Her latest and greatest does not disappoint.

10 easy healthy changes to make now. Great post by Grace with some no brainer tips!

Rescue puppy wedding. I’m trying to convince my sister to do this for her wedding, but she’s not sold yet. How cute?!

Cold shoulder. This simple but pretty cold shoulder top is only $49 and comes in seven colors. One of each please!

Impeccable pantries. This week Anel built some shelves in a closet off of our kitchen but now I feel like he should have stepped up his game with something more like this. Ha, I wish!

Couples and kitchen duties. Speaking of kitchen-related things, I loved reading about how five couples divvied up work in the kitchen.

Gingham ruffles. I’m obsessed with this dress. No other words needed.

How American parenting is killing the American marriage. A fascinating article about what I hope NOT to do as a parent.

Shrimp lettuce cups. Anel and I are always on the hunt for fun recipes where we can grill. These grilled citrus-shrimp lettuce cups look amaze.

Bows and peplum. This shirt has a slight straightjacket feel to it but somehow it works… Right?

Summer don’t list. I love this list that Carly made of things NOT to do this summer.

Wellness with Kat. I’m so excited about Kat’s new wellness series! I look forward to her posts and emails in the coming months.

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  1. Bee said:

    Love these links! That Quartz article is exactly what scares me about potentially having kids (at least in the U.S., maybe if I lived in France or Sweden, I’d feel differently). I do find the essay they referenced by Ayelet Waldman to be interesting, though. Personally, I think I’d be pretty emotionally damaged if either of my parents said they loved each other “more” than they love me…I don’t have any children, but I imagine the love is a different kind of love and perhaps shouldn’t be measured with regards to “more or less”.

    Anyway, so happy you’re feeling better! 🙂

    Briana |

    6.30.17 · Reply
  2. Brittany Olander said:

    those parenting articles are so interesting- and that doggie wedding! so cute!

    xo, brittany
    weekend links + steals on my blog today

    6.30.17 · Reply
  3. Lauren B. said:

    I vividly remember the Oprah episode that featured Ayelet Waldman all those years ago and have been a fan of hers ever since (her non-fiction “Bad Mother” and fiction books are wonderful!). I also recall one woman on the show who shared her dismay when her husband came home one day and told her he had lost his best friend. Believing he meant a male friend of his she was shocked when he explained that she was his best friend and he felt like he had lost her over the years of raising children. They made a commitment to each other to make one another their priority. One of their adult children was with them on the show and commented what a great model of marriage theirs was for her and she never felt “less than” or any less loved growing up.

    As a first-time mom expecting our son in September, my primary concern has been how will my husband and I continue to value and put one another first when we become parents. I think the Quartz article does a great job of identifying this standard of “my child/children are the center of my universe” exists mostly for mothers and not for fathers.

    One final memory that sticks with me from that original episode was Ayelet’s distinction about children not being the focus of your romantic love. She offered the example that it’s not necessary to give your children gifts on Valentine’s Day. That’s a holiday (Hallmark holiday but widely recognized nonetheless) for your romantic partner. I think this small example is a reflection of her belief in loving your partner and children differently.

    Thanks for the reminder of such a fascinating topic! Have a great fourth of July!

    6.30.17 · Reply
  4. Erica said:

    I’m really interested in the parenting article you included today. It reminds me of a parenting book I read called All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior. It remains the best parenting book I’ve read. I think you would enjoy it.

    6.30.17 · Reply
    • Anne said:

      I read that book a couple of years ago and also highly recommend it.

      6.30.17 · Reply
    • Oh interesting! I’m going to buy it now. Thanks for the rec!

      7.5.17 · Reply
  5. Mary Fremeau said:

    oh girl, I am so happy you’re feeling well! Definitely get that rest now!! 🙂 You deserve it! So happy to hear you have an assistant. That will take a lot of pressure off you!

    6.30.17 · Reply
    • I think so! I have a feeling I won’t have QUITE as much time once this baby comes haha

      7.5.17 · Reply
  6. So happy you are feeling better, now and so hope that continues! Loving the wicker handbag! Happy weekend ~

    6.30.17 · Reply
  7. Gabrielle Lees said:

    Love the article about parenting and marriages! I have a three-month old and read Bringing Up Bébé while I was pregnant… it definitely echoes a lot of the same sentiments. Glad you are feeling better & hope you have a great holiday weekend!!

    7.1.17 · Reply
    • Yes! That is my favorite book so far. Anel loved it too which makes me so happy that we’re on the same page.

      7.5.17 · Reply
  8. Kat Tanita said:

    Thanks for including me gf 🙂 Sending you lots of love <3

    7.9.17 · Reply