Life Lately: Volume 53

It has been beautiful for most of the last week and we’re expecting temps in the high 80s this weekend which means we might just have our first beach day this weekend! I already broke out the beach towels and chairs and am ready to get out there.

I’ve been taking advantage of the weather and getting out for runs almost every day. Mind you, these are not fast runs and they’re not long runs. “Short jog” feels more on-brand for what’s happening here. But I’m doing it. And it feels really good.

My anxiety has been through the roof since the leaked court docs for overturning Roe v Wade followed by the formula shortage followed by the Buffalo shooting (among other things) and pounding the pavement has been a helpful coping mechanism.

On Instagram, I announced the other day that we’re starting a big exterior overhaul project that started with the patio we finished last week and includes new siding (in partnership with James Hardie!), new front steps, new shutters, a big sliding glass door to the patio, and a new portico in front of our front door. It “will be done” sometime in July if everything goes according to plan, and I’m very excited to see it all come together.


High: Every night after dinner, Anel lets the chickens out to free-range and we’ve been sitting outside, playing, running around, and petting “the girls” before bedtime. I love watching my kids so comfortable with farm animals in a way that I never was and still never will be.

Low: This might seem like kind of a stupid low but I read yesterday about another change Instagram is making that will greatly impact my bottom line, my business, and my day-to-day. I’m beyond frustrated with the platform at this point but unfortunately it’s become my bread and butter. Clearly this is a wake up call that this has to change but it makes me so frustrated that the app seemingly cares so little about their creators.

Pictured above: Dress / Shoes / Rug / Console


If you’re a mother in need of formula or a mom looking to offload some to someone who needs it, it’s been so beautiful to watch this all go down in the Lemon Stripes Mamas Facebook group.

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Our teak dining table. We just bought this table for our new patio (on sale!) and it shipped in two days.

Is “cluttercore” the chaotic good we need right now? My answer is a hard no but you decide for yourself.

The happiest striped button-down.

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Smocked summer shirt. I especially love the back on this top.

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Rattan bucket bag. She cute. And in very expensive news, why do I want this bag so badly? It might have to me my to me from me birthday gift…


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Photo by Julia Dags.