Life Lately: Volume 101

Hello! We are getting back into our groove here in the second week of school. Amalia is learning that 1st grade is a lot more work than Kindergarten and Luca is thrilled to be able to play on the “big kid playground” at daycare this year. Mama is just happy to be back on our normal routine.

I shared more about this in a blog post about Luca’s surgery yesterday, but he is doing so well lately. Since he had his tonsils and adenoids removed he seems happier, he’s talking more, sleeping better, and generally just thriving. I’m so happy we did it!

Now that I’m done with draft one of my cookbook (YAY!) I have had time to finally focus on some other projects like building out the Lemon Stripes Market and planning a potential in-person event this fall. Stay tuned, I would love to meet you guys.

Last weekend, Anel and I went back to the North Fork to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary (pictured above) and I remembered why we love it there so much.

Have a great weekend!


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