Life Lately: Volume 68

This week was a really really good one. I was on top of everything, organized, productive, had a great therapy session, and felt less frustrated with my kids’ very moody mood swings of late. The main thing that changed my attitude was the fact that I decided to take alcohol out of the equation for the last two weeks.

When my anxiety gets really bad I always come back to this idea that I wrote about two years ago: drinking when I’m stressed ultimately makes my anxiety so much worse (I always seem to forget this). I really needed to push pause on stress-drinking and I’d estimate that it made anxiety about 80% better. A huge jump!

When I feel like having a cocktail or a glass of wine to celebrate or have fun, I will, but taking the break has been really really good for me.

Another fun/weird update is that I got Fraxel last Friday (a laser treatment) and my face has been recovering ever since. I got it to target some fine lines, dark spots, and discoloration and as the top layer of skin has started to peel and flake off, I’m seeing a nice, healthy glow start to show up.

I’ve been working hard all week on my holiday gift guide so that I can share it in the next week or two before the holiday madness gets really wild. So keep an eye out for that.

Have a great weekend!

Pictured above: Tartan Nap Dress (this year’s version is slightly different) / Headband 


What are your core values? The three on this list that I chose were acceptance, empathy, and joy. Such a fun exercise!

The best true crime podcasts. I am desperately looking for something amazing after finishing Your Own Backyard. I prefer a true crime podcast that really gets into the case as opposed to ones where each episode covers another case.

I have an exclusive Dudley Stephens code for you guys! Use LEMONSTRIPES25 for 25% off sitewide through 12/11. They just dropped their holiday colors too. The code must be entered in the “discount code/gift card” section on the checkout page to be redeemed.

An interview with the driving instructor to NYC’s teen elite. This woman is amazing, I am obsessed with the whole thing.

Prince Harry’s memoire is coming in January 2023 and apparently he spills all the tea.

Every single piece in the Blair Eadie x Pamela Munson collection is stunning, but my favorites are this spotted tote and this leather and raffia bag.Maybe it’s time to hear from unwanted children.

Kanye West destroys himself. His actions and words have made me feel physically ill. It’s at least nice to see his brand deals being cut left and right.

This pullover is hands down the best (splurge) purchase I’ve made this season. I’ve shared it before but keep getting asked for the link so here it is one more time. It also comes in a cool dark mossy green version.

I made this lentil soup again last night and forgot how good it is! Definitely add it to your fall recipe list.

Bloomingdale’s brought back the Diptyque candle trio, one of my favorite gifts to give! They sell out quickly every year so jump on it, folks.

I loved reading Carly’s very honest post about her breastfeeding journey.

How cute is this customized kids baseball cap?

Eva’s Halloween strawberry spider snacks are so cute to make for kids this weekend!

Finding hobbies as an adult isn’t always the easiest task.

A cozy beanie in one of my all-time favorite color combos? Yes, please.

22 fall dump dinners that will feed a crowd. Number 5 looks amazing.

First it was butter boards. Now cream cheese boards are blowing up on TikTok.


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Photo by Julia Dags.