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I realized last night that I haven’t written a proper update from the ‘burbs since this one in March! So much has changed since then so here we go:


The biggest change is that we moved out of our apartment into our new house. I thought it would be some grand life-changing situation where I would feel very grown up and pretty proud of myself. It has been quite the opposite actually. Because we moved farther away from the train in Stamford, it feels more suburban than our apartment which was in walking distance to the train and some shops and restaurants.

Now we’re in a true neighborhood with like…you know…lawns and kids on bikes and the works. It’s what I always thought I wanted but now that we’re here it feels incredibly foreign to me. I think I spent many years in the city! For the first two weeks, I was totally freaked out. It gets dark at 4pm so when I get home from work before Anel, the house is totally dark which took some getting used to. Now I just make sure to turn on the alarm system when I leave in the am and I have a sense of security when I get home. Over the last few weeks, I’m getting more and more used to it every day.


Although we moved here over a year ago, I’ve had some difficulty making new friends. I’ve met some great women that I love spending time with but because my schedule is so insane, it’s hard to find time to spend with any of them. One of my big goals for 2016 is to figure out my work/blog schedule so that I have more time for myself and my newfound friends. I’d love to be able to have impromptu brunches and shopping sprees but that just isn’t in my cards right now!


Living in our area has pros and cons. I love the beaches, the cute little towns, and the proximity to the city but man, is there some serious wealth. We worked hard for years to buy our house but when I see where some of my friends and coworkers live, it’s shocking to me. My house could fit into their garages! There is a lot of talk of country clubs and other things that are so far out of my reality that sometimes it can be hard. I don’t need to be a millionaire to be happy but sometimes I need to leave the area just to put things back into perspective!

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  1. Nicole said:

    I really enjoyed reading, and can totally relate to this post. My husband and I just bought a house in Wilton, and I am feeling the exact same way. My condo felt so safe and there were always people around, and now it’s just us in our home, which is scary. Our house, too, is nothing grand compared to the houses surrounding us! I’m so glad to read this and see I’m not alone in feeling like I am. I hope things get easier for you and life slows down (just enough to enjoy!), and please keep us updated on how things progress with your home!!

    12.17.15 · Reply
  2. Sarah said:

    Sounds rough…

    12.17.15 · Reply
  3. Dina said:

    It is definitely a huge adjustment living in Fairfield county. My husband and I bought in Fairfield this summer and it’s insane what our money gets us here as compared to central CT where we are originally from 🙁 Glad you’re settling in more!

    12.17.15 · Reply
  4. hithaonthego said:

    You can always call me for an impromptu brunch or shopping date! Love love love you.

    12.17.15 · Reply
  5. Emily Rhodes said:

    Love this post, I can totally relate! I moved out of Boston to a smaller city and have had the hardest time making new friends! My husband and I have many “couple friends” but I feel like it’s hard to meet new girlfriends when you don’t have anything to connect you together, such a kids or something!



    12.18.15 · Reply
  6. mary said:

    Put a light on a timer near where you enter the house so when you come home it is already on. I have one set for 4:30-midnight. Even in my condo I appreciate this bit of light when I open the door.

    12.18.15 · Reply
  7. kottavio said:

    I’m up the road in Norwalk lady! Let’s you, Meg and me grab coffee or drinks sometime.

    12.18.15 · Reply
  8. Carolyn said:

    Just wanted to say I love how totally honest and real you are in your posts, it’s so refreshing from some of the “picture perfect” blogs, and I totally relate to you. Love what you do, have a great holiday!

    12.21.15 · Reply
  9. Wallace said:

    It’s a pleasure to read your blog :)


    12.23.15 · Reply