5 Random Things: January

5 Random Things January

5 Random Things is back for 2020 but, as promised, I’m changing it up a bit so it isn’t just products. This month, it includes a powerful memoir, a meditation that’s making me very happy, and the TV show I can’t stop watching.

1. Know My Name by Chanel Miller. I dont even know where to start with this book. I’m halfway through and have stayed up way too late night after night, feeling drawn to Chanel and her story. It was chosen as the best book of the year by The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post, Elle, Glamour, Chicago Tribune, and others for good reason.

I decided to finally read Know My Name after Carly posted about it on her book club Instagram page. It’s a memoir written by Chanel Miller, aka Emily Doe, the woman who was sexually assaulted by Brock Turner on Standford’s campus in 2015. We all read the story, but for many, it was quickly forgotten as the #MeToo movement continued to blow up and we were hit with case after case of sexual assault around the country and the world.

But when Chanel read a letter to her attacker at his sentencing, it went viral (thanks to Buzzfeed) and no one forgot her or her story after that. The letter was eventually read on the floor of Congress and helped to inspire change in California law about the definition of rape and how it sentences rapists. It also helped countless women step forward with their own stories. If you’ve read the letter, know know how powerful and eloquent Chanel Miller can be.

Her book is a testament to that power and eloquence. Read this one with me. It’s important. It makes you think about sexual assault from a different perspective and is written with much grace and beauty.

2. Google Nest Hub. I know I know. This device is listening to me and tracking my every move. But, honestly, it makes our lives so much easier and I really love having it in our house and our iPhones are listening to us anyway so will it really make that much of a difference? That’s my argument, anyway, and I’m sticking to it!

My mom bought us the Hub for Christmas and we set it up in our kitchen over the holidays. TBH what we use it for the most is music. Amalia will often ask for a random song and if I’m cooking or cleaning or playing with her, I usually don’t have free hands to connect Spotify to our Sonos speakers and find the song. It’s so much easier to “Hey, Google…” it.

We have the Nest Camera in Amalia’s room, so we also use it as a monitor screen which saves our phone batteries at night. From the Nest Hub, we can control our thermostats and even our Roomba. It pretty much just makes everything easier and keeps everything in one place.

3. Remington Fabric-Shaver. My friend Mackenzie has posted about this $8 device many times and I finally swiped up on an Instagram story she posted last week and bought it. It “shaves” your sweaters (and fleeces), pulling the pills right off and making them look brand new without thinning them out. It’s pretty much magic as far as I can tell. I spent an hour on Saturday night shaving all of my sweaters and it was one of the most satisfying hours I’ve had in a long time (only half kidding though!).

I used to bring sweaters to the dry cleaner even when they didn’t really need to be dry-cleaned just to de-pill them, so I have a feeling that this little guy is going to save me a lot of money in the end too.

Don’t forget, you can find other Amazon items I love in my Amazon Shop.

4. Happiness Meditation Series on Headspace. I’m on my second month of meditating with Headspace and last week I started the happiness series. It’s a series of 10 10-minute visualizing meditations that make me feel great while I’m doing them and for about an hour afterward but take it even further by giving homework like doing one act of kindness that day without telling anyone about it. It makes me feel happy and generous and light, exactly what I need in January post-holiday.

Note: My Headspace subscription was gifted for a paid campaign. Inclusion in this list is not a part of the campaign. 

5. YOU Season Two. I loved season one of YOU. Like obsessively loved it. The creepiness, the mystery, the way you love to hate Joe. I thought it was so well-done and I couldn’t stop watching it. I figured, like many of the shows I loved at first, season two would be disappointing. Boy, was I wrong. I have two episodes left so don’t ruin it for me but holy sh*t. It’s even better than the first season and I can’t stop thinking about it. It really makes you want to get off of social media and hide somewhere in Alaska. And never talk to strangers again…

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Tell me one thing you’re loving this month!

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