5 Random Things: October

My favorite series of the month is back and it’s especially good for October because I was able to include a brand new clean swap into the mix in my beauty routine which is always a really good feeling. It also includes a product that has completely changed the dynamic in our house at nighttime.

1. Hair Dance Dry Shampoo. In an effort to make a few more clean swaps in our house, I decided to do some research when I ran out of dry shampoo last month. The spray from dry shampoos always makes me cough, and I thought maybe I could do better. I read a bunch of reviews and articles and Hair Dance kept coming up as an affordable product that really worked. I ordered it for $10 on Amazon and have been using it regularly for the last month. It oddly looks like a tiny bottle of hot sauce but comes out as lavender-scented powder.

A little bit goes a long way, so I squeeze a tiny dollop into my hands and rub it into my scalp. It’s made with only 5 (organic) ingredients which seems too good to be true. But until my hair turns purple or starts to fall out (kidding), I’m going to stick with it.

Last night I had dinner with a friend and she complimented my hair so I told her about this product. She asked about the color of the powder because she has dark hair, so I feel like I should mention the fact that it is white so I can’t speak personally to how it works on anything but blonde. If anyone has any insight, let us know!

2. Hatch Baby Light. Amalia has had a really hard time falling asleep since we moved. Sleep has historically been the only thing we haven’t had many issues with when it comes to her so it was hard because it came out of nowhere. My number one anxiety trigger is her crying before bed (long story, has to do with my sleep issues as a kid) so the many nights when she was up and crying on and off until 10, Anel and I were not only frustrated and sad and exhausted, but my anxiety kicked back into gear.

A few weeks ago, my friend who has 3 kids (and who has been through it all) suggested that we get her a nightlight to see if that made a difference. Miraculously, it worked the first night. I couldn’t believe that something so simple made such a difference! The nightlight we originally bought her was cute, but we quickly learned that if we left it on all night, she would wake up super early in the mornings.

I was telling another friend about the situation and she suggested the Hatch Baby Light which is a sound machine (lullabies, white noise, etc) and nightlight that can be activated by an app on your phone. Amalia loves picking the color of the light each night and the songs she wants to hear.

I cannot tell you how much of a difference this one little machine has made in our lives. My daughter gets more sleep and is, therefore, happier and well-rested during the day. And Anel and I finally get our evenings back.

3. Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant. In another clean-swap, my friend bought an extra stick of this deodorant and brought it over for me to try. I have been a loyal Native-user for about 3 years now and never thought I’d say this, but I like it better than Native. It goes on more smoothly, it smells better, and it works a lot better! I never have to re-apply a second time during the day like I often did with Native. I have the light coconut scent which reminds me of the perfume, Kai, which I wore in college. It smells incredible, seriously. If you have sensitive skin, it also comes in a fragrance-free option. I’m officially a Kopari convert.

4. Amazon headbands. It’s no secret that I love headbands… I don’t know how to give myself a blow-out and am fairly lazy when it comes to my hair.  Plus they’re just so dang easy and cute. But they can also be pricy. Another blogger I follow had on a cute velvet and pearl headband so I clicked her link and discovered this set of three for $13. They’re very cute in person and you will be seeing them in my outfit round ups this week. I didn’t buy these bee headbands on Amazon but the navy one matches a headband I bought at a local boutique (for double the price) and this is a pack of four. Based on the photos, I’m pretty sure the boutique bought the exact same one and just marked it up.

5. J.Crew Camo Raincoat. We’ve had our share of cooler temps and rain this week which has me busting out my coats and vests. The J.Crew “Perfect Rain Jacket” is my go-to recommendation when people ask me what to buy for this kind of weather and the camo version is finally back in stock. It is a great length (a little longer in the back so it covers your butt), can be tightened with little ties, and has a hood. It also has two sets of pockets: one for your hands and one that buttons for storage which I appreciate. The jacket is not too thick or too thin and lives up to its name of the perfect rain jacket. The camo coat is so cute that people literally stop me on the street to ask where it’s from whenever I wear it out.

Transparency note: This product was gifted to me a few months ago. I was not paid to or required to write anything about it.

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Tell me one thing you’re loving this month!


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