For Young Women who Live in their Shoes

I recently received a request from a reader (and mother of three little ones!) for some comfortable shoe suggestions. I’ll post one list now for the colder months ahead, and then again when summer comes around again. If you have any other high heel ideas, let me know. I don’t really believe in wearing heels but am open to the idea only if they’re super comfortable. I might be the only woman in the world who would rather own a great collection of flats and sandals than a closet-full of four-inch Loubitins!

Jcrew Wedges

Wedges are the only kind of heel that I can walk in without looking like I might topple over. I love these!

Sperry’s Topsiders

Considering the title of my blog, it would be offensive if I didn’t include some classic boat shoes. We all think of these as summer classics but who says you can’t wear your Sperry’s with some funky socks in the winter?

Steve Madden Schoolgirl Flats

Flats are tough if you’re chasing after little kids, but these stay stylish while staying on your feet!

Lacoste Flats

I love flats that have soft backs like this Lacoste version. They don’t give you as many blisters but they still manage to look sturdy and cute.

Frye Boots

I just got this pair of Frye cowboy boots for Christmas. Considering that I wear my jeans tucked into boots almost every day of the week, these spice up my outfits while still being totally comfortable and durable enough to handle all of these crazy New York City blizzards!

LL Bean Winter Boots

I’m from New Hampshire, so I know the importance of a good winter boot. This is what I wear when I go home to trudge through the snowbanks. They keep my feet dry and warm and they’ll be a classic forever!

Quoddy Boots

I’ve never actually worn these but I’ve heard great things! Quoddy boots look like slippers but can be worn outside and apparently last forever. If you’re looking for a comfortable winter walking shoe that isn’t a sneaker, I think this is your winner!

Tretorn Sneakers

No one wants to be one of those soccer moms with the high-waisted jeans and white sneakers. These gray Tretorns help you keep hip and casual whether you’re chasing down a toddler or running late to your yoga class!

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  1. Megan said:

    For high heels, I would invest in a pair of Cole Haans- they are made with Nike Air (wicked comfortable and last forever!) It’s the only heel I swear by for the long holiday parties….

    1.17.11 · Reply
  2. Hilary said:

    Also love the new keds – they have stylish new kinds and they are cheap enough that you can buy a few different colors/styles! I like the gray flannel ones for fall/winter, navy canvas for the summer, and crazy colored (i.e. purple, yellow, pink) just for fun!

    1.18.11 · Reply
  3. Katie tut said:

    Dorky, yes, but really comfortable and cute in a dorky way. And really cheap.

    1.18.11 · Reply
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