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Lemon Stripes Dudley Stephens Blazer

This week, #falljulia came out to play. She has dark nails, wears lots of brown and neutrals, and I have no idea where she came from… But I’m into it! My/#falljulia’s week was productive and busy and I’m going into the weekend with almost nothing on my to-do list which hasn’t happened since before we decided to move. I spent a ton of time in front of my computer this week which will allow me to finish up a few home projects today that have been on my list for over a month.

The last few days have been more exciting than usual because I launched my water bottle challenge (#LSWaterBottleChallenge) and have had an incredible response. It feels good to be a small part of making a big change and I’m so grateful for everyone in this community who has pledged to join me.

Let me know if you guys are into these posts. I tend to wear the same things pretty regularly but having this post on my mind all week makes me try to change it up a little.

This week on the blog, I shared:
The Ultimate Moving Checklist
How I Got Over My Fear of the Dark

Monday’s outfit (above): J.Crew Sweater in Light Melon (Similar here for $34) / Dudley Stephens Fleece Blazer (Borrowed) / Old Skirt (Similar-ish here)/ J.Crew Factory Flats (on sale!)

Monday in a nutshell: I had my monthly hair-color appointment on Monday which is one of my most productive times of the entire month. I sit there for 2 hours and bang out all kinds of work while I’m getting highlights and while I sit under the heat lamp. I was right near the Dudley Stephens office so I asked them if I could pop by to take a conference call and do some work. They let me work in their beautiful light-filled space and I got to try on a few goodies including this fleece blazer that made my outfit so much better. After that, I met a friend at her bi-weekly pregnancy scan (she’s having twins and has to be at the doctor constantly until she gives birth) because she was having a tough day and I felt like she could use a friend with her. I got to see her twins on the sonogram and it was so exciting!

Tuesday’s outfit: Mango Dress (borrowed from a friend) / Hat Attack Hat (gifted)/ Korkees Booties (gifted via Garnet Hill)

Tuesday in a nutshell: I worked from home for most of the day and ran a bunch of errands before heading to terrain for an influencer event I hosted with a local PR gal who brought together a bunch of brands and bloggers for a really fun night with great food and great conversation. I often feel very alone/isolated in this job so to be able to connect with my peers slash “coworkers” feels really special.

Wednesday’s outfit: Everlane Turtleneck Sweater / Veronica Beard Jeans (only 3 sizes left) / Dudley Stephens Vest (gifted, similar for $49 here) / Amazon Headband / Jenni Kayne Flats (Similar here)

Wednesday in a nutshell: I had a long photoshoot because I have a bunch of cool campaigns coming up. I spent the morning preparing my outfits and shot list and an hour in the afternoon shooting with Dags. After my shoot, I cleaned up and headed back to terrain to write my fear of the dark blog post. I find that I can focus better when I’m out of the house so for posts that I feel are more important, I try to write them elsewhere.

Thursday’s outfit: Leopard Sweater Dress (on sale) / Amazon Headband / Black Booties (gifted, not pictured)

Thursday in a nutshell: Amalia was scheduled to get her flu shot yesterday morning so I took her to her new pediatrician for the first time to get it. She loved the doctor and was shockingly ok with the shot. What she didn’t like was the Band-Aid. She totally lost it when that puppy came out. After calming her down and dropping her at school (a candy bribe may or may not have been made) I sat at my desk and worked there for 4 straight hours. I love a productive day like that! Last night, we took Amalia to the beach after school to play and for dinner, but I changed back into this dress for dinner with some girlfriends after our beach adventure.

Friday’s outfit: Old Splendid Sweater / lululemon Leggings / Rothy’s Flats

Friday in a nutshell: Today I had an in-person interview with an editor from a local magazine for a piece she is running on me… Which makes me feel very fancy and cool! But she rescheduled this morning and it was my only meeting in person so I plan to spend the rest of this grey doing some projects around the house and writing Monday’s blog post. I don’t have a lot of work on my plate today for the first time in a long time so I’m taking advantage of that by tackling random house tasks that have been adding up.  I haven’t had a day like this in months! So excited. I love going into the weekend with a minimal to-do list.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Dana said:

    Oh I love these posts and I especially love #falljulia, I want to see more of her!

    10.25.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Oh don’t worry. She’ll be back 🙂

      10.27.19 · Reply
  2. Melanie said:

    I don’t comment a ton but read every day and love these weekly outfit round-ups!! And I was about to buy a large seltzer at the grocery store this morning but your voice in my head told me not to haha, have a great weekend!!

    10.25.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Thanks so much for letting me know. And so happy you’re in on the #LSWaterBottleChallenge

      10.27.19 · Reply
  3. Julia said:

    Love these posts, please keep them coming 🙂 your new house is so picturesque with the fall colors!

    10.25.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      It’s so beautiful right now… It’s about to look so sad and wintery so soaking it all in!

      10.27.19 · Reply
  4. Jennifer Record said:

    love these weekly round ups! Keep them coming!

    10.25.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Happy to hear it! I’m on it!

      10.27.19 · Reply
  5. Libby said:

    yay, I love these posts, Julia! Wednesday’s look was sooo cute!! I loved all of them, though. Those amazon pearl headbands are so so cute!! I may need them, ahah! I hope you have a great relaxing weekend! 🙂

    xx Libby

    10.25.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      They are so cute and look way more expensive than they are 🙂

      10.27.19 · Reply
  6. Simply Styling said:

    That leopard dress is amazing ! Your style is my favorite ! Oh my goodness that Dudley Stephens Fleece Blazer is something I need now ! Love it all !

    10.26.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      The leopard dress is even better in person. It’s so thick and warm but doesn’t look bulky!

      10.27.19 · Reply