Life Lately: Volume 47

Happy Friday! My week was a little weird because of a random 24-hour fever I had Wednesday-Thursday. It was so bizarre, but on Wednesday afternoon, out of literally nowhere, I started shaking uncontrollably and realized I had a 103 fever! It was so out of the blue I was in shock. By yesterday afternoon I was totally fine again so thinking it was a 24-hour bug but it sucked for a minute there.

The picture above was taken about an hour before I got sick. As you can see I was totally fine and normal. Perhaps a little dead behind the eyes but that’s normal for motherhood in a pandemic with an impending WWIII.

Before that, I had an uber-productive week and got a ton of work done. It felt really good to be on a roll like that.

We are also in the initial stages of a big home project (details to come soon) so we’ve been having a lot of meetings with contractors and all the people who are going to make it come to life. It was very fun, actually.

This weekend my mom is in town and we’re all very excited to spend time with her!

Pictured above: Top / Jeans / Basket / Ottoman (gifted) / Curtains / Throw Pillows


High: My mom flew in last night. She will be here through early next week and I’m so so so excited to be spending time with her. Amalia was so excited to see her “Maymay” and can’t wait to play with her all weekend. I love seeing my mom with my kids and wish she lived closer so we could do it more often!

Low: Yeah the 24-hour fever situation wasn’t great. Definitely the low point of the week but glad it passed quickly.


The 29 best beauty products under $50 on Amazon: I can second the Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches for random pimples that pop up, the First Aid Beauty Bump Eraser (it really works!), and Olaplex 3 Hair Protector which I use every time I wash and dry. I’ll be checking out some of their other recs next.

Babyproofing tips: I get asked a lot about what we’re doing to babyproof the house for Luca. We pretty much just copied everything from Danielle’s post.

Pink ruffle dress. The current top contender for my Easter outfit.

Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” ban, explained: It couldn’t be more heartbreaking if it tried.

Fresh herb quiche: Our chickens are fully hatching again (hello, spring!) and I made this quiche last weekend to use some of the egg surpluses we had going on. I subbed in goat cheese for the cheese and it was phenomenal.

Pink and green one-piece: I got targeted for an IG ad with this swimsuit. Good work, IG. Good. Work.

Black joy is liberation: This piece was beautiful.

Pastel Vejas: I need another pair of sneaks like I need a hole in my head but come on, these are so cute for spring.

Are handbags the new stocks? It sounds like a good excuse to “invest” to me 🙂

Target console: This one looks similar to the one we have in our playroom but for an incredible pricepoint.

Abortion bans will only get more punitive from here. This makes me physically ill.

Moss bunnies: I bought two of these cuties for my Easter table.

The perfect spring raincoat: I brought my favorite yellow raincoat back out this week and was reminded of how much I love it. It’s long and covers your butt and has a navy and white striped interior that peaks out of the hood.


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White Bean Dip

Photo by Julia Dags.