My Favorite Products of 2022

Here we are with one of my favorite posts of the year, every year! I keep a running list in my phone of the products I use and love the most each month and then compile it into this list. From a new face roller to the coziest bathrobe to my favorite joggers to the infrared mat we live on, this year’s list has it all.

You might notice that I didn’t include any kid products. I’m going to be sharing another list next week with those. Check out my favorite products of 2021, 2020 and 2019 too!

Vuori Performance Jogger: I ended up buying three pairs of these joggers and have worn them just about every day or night. I originally discovered them when a new Vuori store opened in town and I went in to check it out because Anel loves their clothing. I tried on this pair and immediately bought them in charcoal heather and umber heather. They’re a slim fit but relaxed, so soft, comfy, and look cute with a pair of sneaks. I went back a week later and bought a black pair.

Golden Goose SneakersI never understood the GG hype until a friend of mine was selling an extra pair she had and I decided to finally try them out. Until it got freezing, I wore them every day. They slip on and off and you don’t have to wear socks with them! Somehow my feet never sweat and they also look cool and v Gen Z.

CookUnity Meal Delivery ServiceAnel and I love this meal delivery service and have a subscription for 6 meals/week. We split them between us for lunches so that we have lunch covered 3 days/week for the two of us. The meals are SO good and there are hundreds of options so you can find what you like. The meals are cooked in small batch kitchens by real chefs and you can taste the difference.

Transparency note: I partnered with CookUnity earlier this year for Instagram content. This blog post is unrelated to that partnership.

Tuckernuck Reversible VestWaxed on one side, faux fur on the other, this vest is cozy and cute. I have had my eye on it for years and finally went for it on Black Friday. Every time I wear it people compliment me. It’s super warm too!

Athletic Greens AG1The green powder that you see everywhere but feel skeptical about? I’m here to tell you that it’s not a hoax! This weird-looking, funny-tasting powder makes me feel energized and alive each and every day. And has completely changed my gut health and digestion. Since I started drinking it in September, I haven’t missed a day! If you want to learn more, read my full AG1 review.

Transparency note: I partnered with AG1 earlier this year for Instagram content. This blog post is unrelated to that partnership.

Cuyana Laptop SleeveI’m a sucker for a beautiful leather good, especially from Cuyana. This laptop sleeve replaced my old one and makes me feel like a CEO when I carry it around.

Hue Slouch Socks: I am all about the throw-back tube sock trend. It’s so warm and comfortable. No naked ankles for me thank you very much! These slouchy socks give leg warmer vibes. I bought the 3-pack and wear them almost every day with leggings.

Omnilux LED Contour Face Mask: My mom and sister went in on one of these these futuristic-looking devices that you see all over Instagram and TikTok for my birthday gift, but do they actually work? According to Everyday Health, LED light masks are used to help stimulate collagen production and kill the bacteria that cause acne breakouts, though they don’t replace your regular skin-care routine.

After four to six weeks of daily use, you can expect to see minimized redness, pigmentation and fine lines and winkles. Your skin is left looking younger and healthier. I’m on week two and feel like I already see a glow but jury’s still out on the rest.

I love the daily glow I get from it and the routine of wearing it before bed for 10 minutes each night. I was using my Solawave every night and this promised a similar result in less time with less work. I am happy to report back after 6 months of use that it does! I have such a great glow and have had zero (yep, zero!) pimples since I started using it.

If you’re interested in a LED face mask, this list of the best ones this year is another great place to start. It also goes over all of the benefits and the science behind it. I have the Omnilux Contour Face and I’m sure they’re all similar in quality but every list I read says the Dennis Gross mask is the best overall. Pricey, but effective.

AGOLDE Riley High Rise JeansThe best jeans around, prove me wrong!

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads: This extra strength peel is now a part of my nighttime routine, 3x/week. So many of you, as well as the esthetician who does my facials, recommended these, so I finally decided to try them over the summer and I’m so glad that I did. My skin reacts really well to peels and being able to do a clinical-strength peel at home is exactly what I had been missing. It’s great for acne, brightening, and tightening. So all of the things…

Transparency note: I partnered with Dr. Dennis Gross earlier this year for Instagram content. This blog post is unrelated to that partnership.

Briogio Don’t Despair Repair Hair MaskI was influenced on this deep conditioning hair mask by Instagram and use it once/week. It has made my hair so much softer and smoother.

Weezie BathrobeThe Weezie bathrobe is next level cushy, soft, and comfy. And it has buttons to hold up the sleeves so that when I wash my face with it on, the sleeves don’t get wet. It’s the little things!

Toto Bidet Toilet SeatI bought this for Anel as a birthday gift and he is obsessed. I personally love that it’s heated and has a night light but he’s into the whole spraying and drying situation. It makes using the bathroom feel like a little luxury.

Higher Dose Infrared Heating MatAnel bought this mat used off of one of his clients and it now lives on our couch permanently. We all sit on it to warm up when we’re cold, to feel better when we’re sick, and to wind down at night. The infrared boosts your mood, reduces stress, helps with chronic pain, and so much more!

Stanley 40 oz QuencherYes it’s worth it, if you can find one in stock!

Marni Raffia ToteMy biggest splurge of the year was this tote as a birthday gift for myself. I wore it every day in the summer and it made me SO happy! I love the colors and it was the perfect size.

Illesteva Sunglasses: These sunnies were an impulse purchase at a local store and have quickly become my go-to pair. Illesteva mades a lot of cool shades but the Leonard II shape is the best for my face and looks good on everyone, IMO.

Evachill Personal Air Cooler:

Transparency note: I partnered with EvaChill earlier this year for Instagram content. This blog post is unrelated to that partnership.

Beyond Yoga Saturday SweatshirtThis fall I went on a hunt for the perfect slouchy black sweatshirt. I tried dozens on and landed on this as my favorite. I think I need to buy a second one because I want to wear it every day. With my Vuori joggers, of course.

Kitsch Metal Face RollerMy children took over my other ice roller as a “boo boo buddy” so I decided to try a new brand and the metal vs plastic makes such a difference! The Kitsch roller gets much colder and the size of the actual roller part works better over your eyes.

Birkenstock Shearling-Lined Clogs: I can’t actually believe that I own these and am including them on this list since I would have made fun of my mom relentlessly for wearing them when I was younger. But they are truly the greatest thing to slip on for the bus stop or school drop-off. Or if you’re going anywhere in a rush. I think of them as my winter flip flops! I also love these. They’re ridiculous and I don’t even care.

Jane Win Heart Necklace: This is another thing that I’ve wanted forever but could never justify buying for myself. I put it in a gift guide and my dad surprised me with it for Christmas! I was shocked and so happy. It’s beautiful and makes me smile.

Aplos CBD SpiritCBD helps me relax especially when my anxiety is heightened and it feels fancy in this non-alcoholic spirit. I mix it with seltzer over ice for a calming mocktail.

Ilia Multi-Use PigmentI was influenced by another blogger with this and am so glad that I was. It’s a beautiful shade of lip and cheek pigment (I use it for my lips) that goes on really smoothly and makes my lips feel soft and pretty.

YETI Soft CoolerI got this for my birthday and it’s really upped our beach cooler game. YETI just makes things so much better than anyone else! It’s easy and comfortable to cary and keeps things so much colder for much longer. For a full day at the beach, it makes a big difference.

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