Shopping My Closet: Outfit 3

This shop my closet post was unplanned but I was picking something to shoot with my photographer last week and she started snapping these photos. It ended up being perfect because I love this very simple but very happy and colorful outfit!

Pink Silk Shirt (similar): I got this shirt probably six or seven years ago when we were living in the city and I still reach for it for our date nights at least once a month. Our babysitter even made fun of me for wearing it so often! It was from a store called Otte NY that doesn’t even have their own label anymore I don’t think.

I bought it because of the color, and if you actually look at the closet in the background here you’ll see a lot of this color! It’s one of my favorites to wear but really hard to take photos of so it doesn’t get featured nearly enough on Lemon Stripes. Shopbop actually has a whole page of their site dedicated to the color right now which is amazing and very dangerous for me. This shirt is so pretty!

This one is cute and on sale for $26. I also love this blouse that looks pretty similar but with a v neck for only $39.

I wore it last in this post (my hair was so long!) with the same white jeans of course.

White Jeans: Similar to the pink shirt, I’ve had these pants for a long time. I think maybe over 10 years. How they’re still white(ish) is beyond me. I’ve had many a pair of white jeans in my life and these will forever be my ride or die. I couldn’t fit into them post partum until two or three months ago and that fact in itself lit a fire under me to lose the rest of my baby weight. I realize I could buy another pair but mine are perfectly warn in.

J.Crew is actually having a pants and jeans party. 20% off one pair, 30% off two pairs, 40% off three pairs with code PANTSPARTY. Grab a friend or two to really save on jeans! I love love love these, even though their different than anything I own.

I wore them last in this post and this one.

Beaded Necklace: My turquoise Fairchild Baldwin necklace was one of my favorite pieces of jewelry of all time. I know it’s an insane amount of money but they are so special and make an amazing statement in person. The turquoise one broke, sadly, when I accidentally forgot it was at the bottom of a checked suitcase not in a bag or padded at all. #rip.

My friend Amanda happened to find this pink one on major major sale for my birthday last month and didn’t even know about the other necklace.

I realize that it’s super pricey, so I searched around for a few similar options for you guys.I found this necklace that looks pretty similar to my turquoise one and is a fraction of the price. Plus it’s on sale for 30% off with code SAVE30 this week. And here is another one in pink that has the same vibe.

I wore it last (in turquoise) in this post.

For more info on my home office/closet, check out this post on the space.

Similar Pink Silk Shirt / J.Crew White Jeans / Fairchild Baldwin Necklace / Home Depot Closet System

Similar Pink Silk Shirt / J.Crew White Jeans / Fairchild Baldwin Necklace / Home Depot Closet System

Photos by Carter Fish.


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