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Leopard Coat

This week has been an emotional one for many of us. To see the outpouring of other women sharing that they, too, have experienced some sort of sexual harassment was eye opening, frightening, yet not surprising. When I shared #MeToo on Instagram, my husband couldn’t believe it. I shared a few experiences and he saw things clearly from a women’s perspective. I couldn’t believe that we had never talked about it before.

Sometimes social media is a dark hole of procrastination, sometimes it offers up inspiration and smiles, and sometimes it can truly create change. I’ve loved seeing it do the latter this week. Now if only it can create enough change that my daughter will grow up in a world where it’s not #HerToo.

In lighter news, we had a great week with Amalia. She finished her last developmental leap and was back to her normal happy self which, in turn, put me in a great mood all week. I swear I fall in love with her more every single day, it’s actually insane and hard to even put into words. She’s turning three months next Tuesday (what?!) so I’ll be giving you more of an update on her then.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

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Leopard Coat (Pictured above): Remember this faux fur leopard coat from last year that I wore like, everyday? They brought it back! If you love it, snatch it up now because last year it sold out quickly.

#HerToo. I’m so proud of my friend Jess for writing this post about her experiences with sexual harassment. I wanted to write a similar one then chickened out. Maybe one day.

Online mom shaming. In other proud friend moments, I was so happy to see that my girl Arielle was featured on Hey Mama, talking about the ugly side of the internet. This week she also wrote a beautiful article on the loneliness of breastfeeding.

J.Crew Factory new arrivals. Holy cow, they’re SO good. I had approximately 4000 (or 4) friends tell me that I needed to check them out ASAP. Obviously I bought this striped oxford with a plaid pocket… and how cute is this tartan pleated skirt for holiday?

Matching artwork. These photos taken by a photographer of famous pieces of art with museum-goers who matched them made me smile. It’s pure genius… and clearly took a lot of patience.

Plaid dresses. Kiel James Patrick just released the cutest line of plaid dresses and I’m in love. Fingers crossed they make a kids version next year! I got this one and will share it soon.

Refusing preschool. My friend Eva wrote a post about how her daughter is having difficulty with preschool.

Tuckernuck sale. OMG wow this is an amazing sale. Take 20% off site wide at Tuckernuck through Sunday with code OMG20. I love this floral button down and these cut hem jeans.

Talking to your pets. Well, I must be incredibly intelligent

Puppy leave. Speaking of dogs, some companies are providing paid leave to employees who get a new puppy. That is actually incredible. If you’ve ever gotten a puppy, you know how necessary it is!

Miso ginger dressing. I’m obsessed with the miso ginger dressing that comes on salad whenever we order sushi (which is probably too often). This New York Times recipe uses only six ingredients to recreate it.

Malibu Barbie? This faux fur pink coat is either amazing or horrific. I can’t decide… But I’m leaning towards amazing.

Auricular acupuncture. When I was pregnant, my acupuncturist always gave me blinged out auricular acupuncture and I loved it! Here’s an article about what it actually does.

27 ways you know you’re from Connecticut. Ok I’m not from Connecticut, but I live here now so this still struck a cord!

I love how Jennifer styled this plaid skirt in her post here.

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  1. Like your husband I had many friends share similar remarks about how they are there spouses never spoke about it. My dad called me from Thailand on vacation to make sure I was OK as I never spoke about it with him, only my mom who has since passed away.

    On a lighter note, JCrew factory is going to kill my wallet this weekend.

    Have a great weekend, Julia!

    10.20.17 · Reply