Life Lately: Volume 15

It was kind of mayhem around here this week. I came home from Charleston with an awful stomach bug. I thought it was from eating fried food, extra gluten, and lack of sleep, but after a few days of vomiting, I realized it was more than that. Yesterday, I finally felt better but it finally hit Anel even harder than it hit me. The poor guy could hardly move all day! Needless to say, we both played the role of nurse and patient (not in a fun way, ha!) over the last few days.

The highlight of my week, on the other hand, was meeting my doula in person for the first time. She gave me so many helpful tips to get me through the next few months, and made me feel so much better about the whole business of giving birth, something that I’m understandably nervous about. Her calming energy and incredible wealth of knowledge make me feel like I’m a step ahead of where I was before. I also interviewed a pediatrician that I adored and decided to use her when the baby is born. At least one thing is checked off the list!

I’ll be packing in a lot of work over the weekend so I can head on a work trip on Monday and Tuesday. Stay tuned to see where I’m headed and why. Luckily, it’s somewhere warmer than here. Have a great weekend!

From Around the Web

Join me on a fertility webinar. On Wednesday, March 29th at 8pm, I’ll be sharing my fertility journey on a webinar with Aimee, the woman who helped me get pregnant naturally. Join her FREE master class to here my story and the stories of three other women she has helped. Sign up (at no cost) here.

Two dads rap. Two suburban dads made the funniest rap video about their wives and kids. I couldn’t stop watching! Watch the video.

Spring Sale. Today is the last day to take 30% off your purchase at J.Crew with code HAPPYSPRING. They have so many amazing pieces that I want like this stripe and gingham ruffle sleeve top and this amazing chambray jumpsuit (still available in all sizes!).

Love, Actually. The official full 1 minute preview of the Love, Actually sequel (a 10-minute short, but still!) is here. Is anyone more excited than I am? Definitely not!

But what about the snuggles? Apparently separate master bedrooms are trending in the luxury housing market. What are your thoughts on this trend?

New kicks. I’ve been on the hunt for a comfy new pair of sneakers that wouldn’t break the bank. I bought these Nike’s (in pink) for only $64. They’ll be perfect for my flight on Monday.

Put a pom on it. This pom straw bag DIY is making this DIY-challenged gal pretty exciting. I think I might actually try it!

Does your dog really miss you when your gone? According to this study, yes. So make sure to give your pup extra love when you walk in the door, even if you’ve only been gone for a few minutes. He’s been waiting for you!

Get ruffled. This one-shoulder ruffle top is my summer dream shirt. Pair it with white jeans and Jacks for the perfect look!

A greener clean. Spring cleaning just got a whole lot easier with these environmentally friendly DIY tricks for using household items as cleaning products.

Cauliflower grilled cheese. This video recipe for cauliflower grilled cheese made my mouth water… like a lot. Has anyone ever tried this technique for cauliflower bread?

Yes Way Rosé. A rosé of the month club launched just in time for summer. Although I can’t participate this year, I love the idea and have it bookmarked for summer 2018. #summerwater

Hilarious parenting advice. Ryan Reynolds is one of my favorite actors, but following him on Twitter makes me love him even more. His tweets on parenting are hilarious. One example? “My daughter’s only 6 months old and already drawing. I’d hang it on the fridge but honestly, it’s absolute garbage.” Read some of his best hits.

Good clean food. I just got this cookbook and I think it’s one of my favorites that I’ve ever seen. Lily Kunin, creator of the website (and Instagram) Clean Food Dirty City, shares 100 simple, vibrant, plant-based recipes for looking and feeling your best. I love the multi-page section just on grain bowls!

Relieve stress & unwind. Kat’s stress-relieving tips are spot on. I’ve been dying to take a serotype test for a while now, and hope to do so at some point in the near future.

Slip dress. I love the simple design and pretty color choices of this gorgeous silk slip dress.

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  1. Ashley said:

    Will you be sharing some of the questions you asked your pediatrician? I have interviews next month!

    3.24.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Exciting! I probably won’t be sharing anything publicly just because of the mom shaming that I’ve been experiencing lately, but I’m happy to email with you privately! 🙂

      3.24.17 · Reply
  2. Classic Catherine said:

    Oh my gosh that dog video breaks my heart! I just want to snuggle my sweet Pippa! And speaking of snuggling, I am not on board with the separate master bedrooms trend. You get a lot of good conversations in while getting ready for bed and such!
    I’d love your pediatrician questions too–also getting ready to do that soon! I’ll email!
    Classic Catherine

    3.24.17 · Reply
  3. graceatwood said:

    yay! hope you make the bag friend!!! I loved Kat’s tips too 🙂

    3.24.17 · Reply
  4. Julia said:

    A rose of the month club sounds amazing! I am so cautious when picky new wines and stick to what I know!

    3.24.17 · Reply
  5. Christine said:

    Any chance a recorded version of your webinar will be available? I wasn’t able to watch it live.

    3.31.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Yes! You can watch it right here for the next few days, then she takes it down:

      3.31.17 · Reply
      • Christine said:

        Thank you. I really enjoyed watching it and plan to watch her top 10 tips as well. I’m an RD and I was fascinated to learn about MTHFR gene mutation!

        3.31.17 · Reply